Chanderpaul rates Lara as greatest batsman

brad-haddin-fly2Shivnarine Chanderpaul had absolutely no hesitation in answering the question as to who according to him is the best player he has ever watched. When the question was directed to him at a banquet in Queens, New York as to who he thought was the best batsman ever, Chanderpaul responded without second thought “Brian Charles Lara.” Chanderpaul who if given a chance can very easily surpass Lara’s record for most runs by a West Indian, has shared memorable times with the great batsman.

The pointed out that Chanderpaul has the scored most runs in partnerships while batting with Lara. Chanderpaul told the audience of the man that Lara was incredibly talented and had majestic stroke-play to compliment his immense talent.

“I’ve never seen anybody with the skills and ability as Brian, and the know-how to hit a cricket ball to the boundary. I’ve never seen anybody with such quick hands, quick eyes as Brian. He would sometimes hit balls that I would not even play at,” Chanderpaul told the audience as quoted by the Guyana Times. ALSO READ: Garry Sobers, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, other West Indies legends to participate in T20 cricket matches in New York

Chanderpaul went on to fill in the audience about how Lara constantly gave him important feedback about his own batting. “It’s unbelievable the power he gets from his strokes. He’s definitely a genius, and it used to work in my favour too because at times people bowl him outside the off-stump and he cash in on those, and they forget sometimes I’m batting with Brian and they bowl close to me. I’m happy when they bowl close to me, and I cash in. But definitely Brian is the best batsman I’ve ever seen,” Chanderpaul added.

“Batting with him was definitely a pleasure, standing up at the other end and watching on. You couldn’t ask for better because you learn so much from a guy like him. The different shots he played, as a young cricketer in the team you look at those things and learn from it. So Brian was definitely the best I’ve seen,” Chanders concluded. (Courtesy Cricket