Prime Minister assures return of EU GSP plus

RanilPrime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today assured that Sri Lanka will regain the GSP plus trade concession from the European Union.

The Prime Minister gave the assurance when he met local and foreign garment industry officials at Temple Trees today.

Wickremesinghe also urged the garment industry representatives to increase the wages of garment workers once the GSP plus trade concession is regained by Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka lost GSP plus from the EU after it failed to meet the criteria to continue as a beneficiary of the trade concession. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Such an assurance counts for nothing. Neither Ranil nor local or foreign garment officials decide on a matter like this. If a Sri Lankan government is prepared to meet the conditions again, then it is the European Commission that can decide to reinstate it. Will Rajapaksa be prepared to change his stance? Unlikely. Will Wickremasinghe be prepared to meet the conditions? Perhaps. Anyway, he will first have to win the election.

  2. This is an illegal Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. He did not win an election to become PM but pabma Sirisena made him PM, by abusing Presidential powers. Now becoming a page boy for West this man is trying to sell Sri Lanka. Hope he will lose the election so Sri Lanka will get good development deals from other countries.

    • How can he be illegal PM when his appointment is 100% legal and constitutional!

      If he loses then prepare tp go back to MR’s rule of terror

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