Moroccan authorities deport Sri Lankan immigrant

DeportationMoroccan authorities have deported a Sri Lankan immigrant, identified as Thambiappa Ariyanayagam Siyanthan, after he spent 39 days detained in the transit area of the Mohamed V Airport in Casablanca.

Siyanthan, 34, was escorted onto an Emirates flight heading to Dubai from where he will take a flight to Colombo.

The ticket was paid by the Moroccan authorities, who have not spoken publicly about his case.

The Sri Lankan had reportedly arrived in Morocco from Spain, where he also was denied asylum, and had sought refuge in Morocco claiming he faced risks to his life in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan Tamil has been accused of having links to the LTTE and he has already spent a jail term in Sri Lanka.

Siyanthan fled Sri Lanka in 2011 and arrived in Kenya, and later to Spain and Morocco.

While staying at the Casablanca airport, his case aroused the interest of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the National Human Rights Council (official advisory body).

However both institutions were unable to prevent him from being deported. (Colombo Gazette)


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