Former UK PM Blair begins visit to Sri Lanka

Tony-BlairFormer British Prime Minister Tony Blair arrived in Sri Lanka today on what was said to be a private visit.

He was accompanied by his wife and children and was expected to travel around the country during his stay.

Tony Blair served as Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from May 1997 to June 2007. He was also the leader of Britain’s Labour Party (1994 to 2007) and the Member of Parliament for Sedgefield, England (1983 to 2007).

Tony Blair is also the founder of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. An opinion article appearing on the Foundation website last week said that the inaction of the previous government led to increased persecution of religious minority communities in Sri Lanka but the situation has improved since the January 2015 election.

The article also says with former-President Mahinda Rajapaksa running for prime minister at the election next week there is a risk of an increase in religiously-divisive rhetoric, or worse, violence against religious minority communities by members and supporters of Buddhist nationalist groups, particularly Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) and Sinhala Ravaya.

The article said that should Rajapaksa become prime minister, the international community and advocates of religious freedom should be prepared to monitor his actions and policies. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Tony Blair’s statement indicates the reason he has sneaked into Sri Lanka. It would be worthwhile finding out who gave him this misleading information about religious persecution and who is funding his visit. There will always be disagreements between religions and some religious factions are open about it. Was he not told that Rajapaksa’s wife herself is a Christian probably not Tony Blair’s faith..

  2. What a coincidence, Tony Blair is in Sri Lanka during the election. Nobody can isolate others as the West. Still Mahinda Rajapaksa and his supporters believe that Mahinda Rajapaksa will become the country’s leader. This shows how naive the leaders and people are in Sri Lanka. This is the difference between the people who have the knowledge and the people who think they do have knowledge. Rajapaksas are done so does China in the Indian subcontinent. Chinese think that they can undermine the knowledgeable West by building factories and ignoring people like us. The truth is the moment you ignore people like us you are done. This is very true in Prabhakaran’s and Mahinda’s life.

  3. We Sri Lankan Muslim must understand that Iraq millions of our faith majority Muslim brothers are drive- out of land after which that Blair-British army Invaded holy land of Iraq.
    Many Sri Lankan Muslims of like Cassiam s in Colombo are supporting Blair visits .>
    We all Muslim asked Blair to go back UK by return Flight that an immediately .

    Blair is man who committed war crime against humanity not only Iraq, but that his crime relevant whole world.

    No doubt Blair is enemy of Muslim world.


  5. One of the human butcher in this world. He and Bush massacre millions of Iraq and Afghanistan unarmed civilians. After the Vietnam war most humanbeings killed by these two. Where is UN , Amnesty International and Red Cross voices?

  6. A Lyric Poem For London Aunt’s Newly Compact Disc – Poem by nimal dunuhinga
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  7. Please arrest this war criminal, he lied to the British Parliament and lied to people all over Europe. With George Bush he lead an illegal war into Iraq where many women, children and elderly people were killed.
    In England he hides behind his security and the protection of the royal elite although many ask for his arrest. Please help.

  8. i wonder under what category of phoney religious fervour the murder mutilations and other violations of thousansds if not millions of iraqi’s and others in the middle east, comes under —–

  9. Tony Balir was committed War crime against People of Iraq.
    Where is his accountability in War Crime in Iraq.?
    Millions of Iraq’s lost of life and Billions of Dollars that lost of property and displace human life by Balir during his rule.
    Where is Balir responsibility and accountability such War Crime in Iraq?

  10. Chandrika, Mangala and LTTE behind this private visit. Sri Lankans should open their eyes now, there will be another invasion from “West” if Ranil Government wins again. Currently, China is the richest country in the world with more than 8 trillion (8000 Billion) dollars savings in the bank. This is because China did not let “West” to interfere in their politics. But 30 years ago China was a poor country and they grew slowly by expanding foreign trade mainly on Western countries, but did not let West to manipulate their country. India is another example.

  11. He is a very dangerous guy.. where ever he has been, left a total mess.. Iraq, Libya , etc. etc.. Seems Managala & gang leading country to a total mess.

  12. One billion dollars per year is the income from drug trafficking for Tamil Diaspora. South america and Philippines are their centers but there is no war related event for them to spend this money. No doubt that Tamil Diaspora is behind this “Private Trip” and millions of dollars have been given to Tony Blair for “some secret mission”. Australian Tamils paid large amounts of money to a MP (Ms Virginia Judge MP -Strathfield) to do many “private visits” to Sri Lanka before Channel 4 released their falsified movie against Sri Lanka.

  13. why he is so hurry to visit SL during crucial time. there will be a hidden agenda, definitely.Mr Blair,live us along
    mind your own business.

  14. There is some mystery connected with this visit. He ha to be tried for WAR CRIMES and not visiting this country at a crucial time like now. Is he funding some party?

  15. whats the hidden agenda here ? Blair does not waste time on private visits unless there is big money business deals are involved. Follow the British press and see what they have to say about Blair sordid business delas

  16. You are very well come for private visit to Sri Lanka, But don`t try to put your finger our county affairs with out proper knowledge. People may not like, just polite warning.


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