Champika exposes secret LTTE-Rajapaksa deal

11825187_1619507078330804_4608743180710445294_nThe Government of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had allegedly given the LTTE over Rs. 169 million to win their support at the 2005 Presidential election.

Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) leader Champika Ranawaka said that he has all the evidence, including documents, to back the allegations.

At a media briefing this week Rajapaksa had denied allegations he gave the LTTE money and insisted that if he did he would not have looked to defeat them militarily.

However Ranawaka revealed the names of LTTE members who a businessman had met on behalf of Rajapaksa to seal the deals in the guise of tsunami relief.

He also claimed that during discussions Basil Rajapakse had with one LTTE negotiator identified as Emil Kanthan at the businessman’s office, Basil Rajapakse had told Emil Kanthan that “What Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse wants is a boycott of voting in the North, and the PM wants to know what the LTTE would like to have in return.”

In reply at a later date Emil Kanthanhad said that the LTTE wants to purchase some boats and requested for a sum of Rs. 180 million from Basil Rajapakse.

Ranawaka claimed that Basil Rajapakse agreed immediately to provide the said amount of money and on a later day Basil Rajapakse came with a number of large travelling bags to meet Emil Kanthan at the businessman’s office to seal the deal.

The JHU has already filed a complaint with the police claiming the LTTE was given money through the Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA) which was established by Rajapaksa following the 2004 tsunami. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Rajapakse got into the fight very reluctantly, and I saw this very clearly. Now I am convinced why he did so. It is true that Rajapakse’s govt; defeated the LTTE in a civil war, but It became a lost cause when MARA virtually took on the roll of the defeated leader of the LTTE, and even went a step further by robbing the country and murdering journalist and others who criticized him. Instead he should have found a permanent political solution to the ethnic issue and brought about the Sri Lankan glory and not try to elevate his and his families glory.He and his cohorts must be made to pay for it.

  2. The simple facts are;

    All those who love Sri Lanka are happy that MR won the election and then the war.

    All those who love Sri Lanka are unhappy that MR allowed his family and a close coterie of associates violate its laws and rip it off, by subverting the judiciary, Treasury and the Central Bank.

    All those who love Sri Lanka must live in the present, and work for the future. Most people now will not trust MR and family. They had their chance, and f’____d it up.

  3. No use of blaming Champika. Blame Tyran Ales. He is the one complaint to CID and U tube. Just go to u tube and watch what Ales is saying.

  4. Most untrusted politician of Paul turn into Champike Patalie Ranawake ,of JHU in Sri lanka.

    Once he was anarchist cum terrorist ex-JVP, then turn around to be JHU, currently with UNP-leadership and ally Westerns oriented political agenda.
    Examined is that Champika case and review politics are most of power and money base politics of an opportunist policies towards right-wing junta trend .

    He is no longer have any relationship with National politics.
    He is working for divided and split country ,which undermined democracy of Sri lanka.

    • No doubt! completely agree. He is the most dangerous crook in current SL politics. He is a person who will act like a Hitler one day, if people voted him to power. This guy like a con-artist and who can flip his policies for only for his benefits and not for the country.
      What we say..see ”Kabaragoya” like “Thalagoya” for consumption on top of peoples vote. I believe people still remember how he put down our greatest artist; Lester James Peris with K.P’s figure. What a shame??

  5. Champika says Mahinda has given money to LTTE in order to boycott voting in the 2005 Presidential Elections where Mahinda has won.

    If it happened so, Sri Lankan masses definitely happy because it paved the way to annihilate LTTE and destroyed four levels of LTTE Leadership hitherto unprecedented ware tactic in an unconventional war against the most dreaded terrorist group in the world at that time

    Even today, So called Prestigious Sandhurst and West Point military academies failed to understand. According to them no terrorist war can be won militarily small Sri Lanka’s achievement totally unprecedented and unbelievable to them.

    Had Rani jathidrohiya won the 2005 elections, today we may have a country without North and East because his policy is to give the elam on platter to LTTE and ceasefire agreements always with terrorist.

    Therefore, Sri Lanka as whole more than happy that Mahinda has won the presidential elections in 2005 whether money given or not immaterial as the result was the greatest achievemnt by Sri Lanka ably led by none other than President Mahinda Rajapaksha.

  6. Instead of calling Champika with various names, let him
    prove it in the court of law or at TV debate with MR. It is no secret that Ltte was bribed to get the Northern
    Tamils to boycott the 2005 presidential election, making
    way for the election of MR as President.. Due to Ltte’s
    foolishness, the Tamils suffered the worst for the last ten years.

  7. Champika should check his facts. The money was given through the Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA) to NGOs. Once evidence came to lite that these NGOs gave the money to the LTTE instead of the using the money for reconstruction. MR banned these NGOs from Sri Lanka. These same NGOs were given a free hand once Ranil and Champika took over the government after January 8th, 2015 election.

  8. This guy bring baseless and chilish accusation. This same guy published MR hugging KP instead Lester James peris befor January 8. I feel pity on Sri Lankan to elect guys like him to parliment when they act like con artist and an ignorant.
    This guy should think himself being a MP that if he could afford 169 million rupeess of his money for election propaganda. Being a MP in CBK regime Does MR had 169 millions of rupees to give LTTE? I am pretty sure as a MP MR may not had his all networth to be liable for this kind of bill lor liable for a baseless talk of mentally retarded guys. Do not elect this kind of monkey politicians in the parliment..

  9. Champika is a dog when compared to Rajapaksa. This man champika has done nothing to Sri Lanka apart from barking like a dog. No one can deny that Rajapaksa defeated LTTE; so what? Premadas gave weapons and money to LTTE, and did this donkey questioned those? Don’t be a cheap politician, bow to Rajapaksa for giving freedom to you.

    • You fool Rajapasse’s were well guarded, cowards, they should kneel down to Sarath F for winning the war, instead they Jailed him. They should put SF in charge of FCID

      • It is an insult to the Dogs who are very grateful to the humans, Champika is fabricating baseless lies to win the hearts of innocent people of Sri Lanka. Yes, I have my respect for the General SF for the defeat of LTTE, but why are you not recognizing the contributions of others Air Force, Navy Leaders?

        • Wars won by Political Leadership and this is well proven and established fact all over the world. Even getting the Armed Forces in cohesion to achieve the goals in the War is directly through Political Leadership and not any other.

          As per our own experience, The LTTE TERRORIST WAR was over in 1988 had the required political leadership was there. The rest is history.

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