BBS slams Mahinda’s conspiracy allegations

BBSThe Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) slammed former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, over allegations he had made in a television interview regarding the BBS.

Rajapaksa had claimed that the BBS was part of a conspiracy created with international backing to remove him from power.

He accused Norway of being part of the conspiracy and said that details regarding this have been made public in a book released in the market.

However BBS General Secretary Galaboda Athe Gnanasara thero rubbished the claims and said that this was the thanks they got for backing him at the last Presidential election.

The BBS, which is contesting the Parliamentary election next week under the Bodu Jana Peramuna (BJP), said that it had worked tirelessly for Rajapaksa’s bid to win the polls in January despite several allegations raised against them.

Gnanasara thero said that the BBS had produced documents to Rajapaksa on several occasions which proved that the BBS had no foreign connections.

However he says despite the attempts to clear the air, Rajapaksa continues to go down the wrong path and is being misled by false claims.

“When he had the chance to remain in power for another two years was it because of us that he went for an early Presidential election?” Gnanasara thero asked.

Gnanasara thero also asked if Rajapaksa lost several votes at the last election when compared to the election in 2010 because of the BBS. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Remember if BBS carries out their pay master’s agenda, it will be not good for Tamils as well. Peace and prosperity in South are essential for Tamils in the North and East. Interest of Singhalese race is the interest of Tamils race. Your enemy will not expose himself in first place. You will fight with decoy enemies created by your enemy for period of time. He will expose himself when you are flat tired, out of resource and unable to utter even a single word about him. Keep faith on God and pray for Sri Lankan people.

  2. Why is that Gnanasara always blaming the Muslims as terrorists and separatists, isn’t it just for the hatredism he has with Muslims, has he anytime barked against LTTE or any other Tamil parties so far ?

  3. The first time I saw BBB’s Gnanasara was when the vehicle he was traveling screeched to a Holt nearby a rally at the Maligawatte housing scheme where demonstrators were holding stop-the-bombing Gaza placards and were readying to go to the U.S. Embassy to handover a memorandum. A seemingly furious Gnansara got off his vehicle and stomped towards the police line and barked at the police inspector that if he won’t force these Marrakkalayo to go home, BBS could do it for them. Now, he calls himself a monk following the teachings of Buddha. .

  4. You should be confined to the temple and not to political platforms. Monks in robes gets special privileges including free food from laymen. I am surprised that no one is filing a fundamental rights claim against these monks in robes who are destroying the religion and the politics.

  5. Today all talking to get power. No one wanted to develop the country . Now clergy also want land cruse r for do his Temple work . No one follow correct Buddhism. All parties spend more money. But what’s the point. Later all can blown the country. Who’s contesting election all criminals . Deiyo.sakki

  6. BBS must answer what they were doing in Norway reportedly meeting LTTE activists and why they went to the USA prior to returning to Sri Lanka to launch an anti-Muslim campaign which successfully gave ammunition to anti Sinhala Buddhist activists to fabricate lies and alienate the Muslims from the Rajapakse regime and also helped Ranil/Sirisena camp to get their votes. BBS must also tell why they wont challenge Wigneswaran for preventing resettlement of Sinhalese evicted from the North and his false claim of genocide of Tamils when in fact it was the LTTE that committed genocide of the Sinhalese and Muslims.
    It is not Rajapakse but it is Sirisena who should be grateful to BBS.

  7. This response not unexpected from this monk. But no conspirator ever openly accepted that they are such. This monk is also trying to hide his real anti country intentions dictated to him by his foreign anti Lanka masters & forces. You are a shame for real Buddhism, which you need to learn again from zero.

  8. Extremists like BBS are the main reason for Mahinda’s downfall. Not only he turned a blind eye towards them, his brother GR, gave them state patronage as well.

    I guess it wouldn’t work with the future UNP government.

  9. Tamil Diaspora is behind many “Made up stories” against Rajapaksa. Some Western countries and LTTE paid Channel 4 are responsible for conspiracy against Sri Lanka. Also Rajitha, Mangala and Chandrika among Sinhalese who went to UN against Sri Lanka. All these people have grouped again due to greediness to power.

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