Roman reigns attacked by WWE fan

UptGdjV6-600x399There was a scary fan incident at a WWE live event in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on Saturday night when a fan threw a replica Money in the Bank briefcase at the back of the head of Roman Reigns.

The incident happened as Reigns was getting ready to work a main event match against Bray Wyatt.
According to PWInsider, the authorities were called following the incident.

Reigns was stunned by the blow because he had his back turned to the fan and he was hit in the back of the head by the briefcase. Reigns was stunned by the blow, so he sat in the corner of the ring for about two minutes before he felt like he was okay to do the match.

Reigns ended up working the match against Wyatt, which was a Street Fight that went about 20 minutes that Reigns won. They used chairs, tables and ring steps as weapons and the crowd was really into it.
Following the incident, security grabbed the fan in question and had him escorted from the building. Another fan wrote that he was “manhandled” by security. The crowd chanted “kick him out” after the incident.

Another report from the event noted that the same fan had wrestlers sign his Money in the Bank briefcase when they walked around ringside during the show. It’s also a possibility that somebody else took the briefcase and threw it at Reigns.

Here’s a video of what happened after the incident. Wyatt went over to Reigns to check on him to see if he was okay. (Courtesy