Champika threatens to expose alleged LTTE deal

ranawakaJathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) member and United National Front for Good Governance Parliamentary candidate Champika Ranawaka says he is ready to expose former President Mahinda Rajapaksa on some deals he had allegedly made with the LTTE through South Africa.

Speaking at a media briefing today, Ranawaka also challenged Rajapaksa to face him in an open debate on claims Rajapaksa never gave funds to the LTTE.

Ranawaka said that Rajapaksa is already under investigation over funds diverted to the LTTE through the Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA).

“We will be taking legal action against Rajapaksa in future in relation to this incident,” he said.

Rajapaksa had today denied allegations that he had given the LTTE money in 2005 in order to win the then Presidential election.

In 2005 the LTTE had prevented the people from taking part in the elections, which allowed Rajapaksa to win with the support of the Sinhala votes in the South.

Rajapaksa said that if he had given money to the LTTE he would not have taken much efforts to try to defeat them.

He said that if LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabakaran was alive today he would ask him if the story was really true.

“Prabakaran had said this story. I would like to ask him if it is true. But he is not alive today,” Rajapaksa said at a media briefing.

The former President also said that it was no secret who gave arms to the LTTE to defeat the Indian peacekeeping force and who really funded the LTTE.

Ranawaka meanwhile insisted that there is no chance of the LTTE regrouping in Sri Lanka and that the security forces will ensure the security of the country.

He said that this assurance has also been given in the policy statement of the United National Front for Good Governance. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is a man who came to prominance by beating up Sinhala Buddhist sentiment. I can remember the talk he gave in Melbourne just before Jan 8 election, Dec 2014 and how he bashed the SL muslim community. Said how the muslim community is expanding in Colombo and about halal and special counters for them in Banks. A serious double tongue twister. Now he is again set on a path with alliances he bashed 6 months ago, including the LTTE and the Muslims. If he had all this evidence, what was he doing all this time in government without disclosing the evidence. Liar liar liar….

  2. This guy is a real opportunist. If he has evidence, he could have disclosed them long before the election. Unfortunately there are so many “true believers” in Srilanka to believe this type of garbage.

  3. Mr PathaliChampka Ranawaka had opportunity to prove his allegations at the last presidential election and since.
    He also bent on his knees at the Kstunayaka Airport in welcoming Mahinda Rajapakse a day after the armed forces claimed final victory agaist LTTE, Then he
    smilingly accepted a senior ministeial post bestowed on him by Mahinda Rajapakse as the President. He served under him and his government from 2009 till 2013. He was seen grabbing photo-opportunities with Mahinda Rajapakse, and even sharing meals with to be the sole voice of sinhala buddhists. If this man has any honesty or self respect , he must explain to the followers of the so called Hela Urumaya why he led the trsting gullible people down the garden path. This is the sort of person who can still have a voice, though not an audience, only because of the capitalistic press beholden to western wested interests who indulge in mischief.
    In no other country, democratic or dictatorial, would such a person as Ranawaka would still be able to get attention.
    The press and media owned by capitalist press owned solely by moguls bred and brought up in Colombo Sevento answer.
    The press freedom with the implicit right of the public to the access of the truth and factual information is being hijacked. It is tme the genuine public
    have a lot take these cowardly dishonest media barons to task.

  4. This is dirtiest bugger that I have seen in politics. He was a very strong minister in Mahinda’s cabinet and then he was very obedient servant! Now all of a sudden this bugger has jumped out of the cage and trying to be a traitor to the our mother land! Please chase this bugger from our politics!

    He is not a sinahalese!

    • Nationalism won’t work anymore!
      You can shout and call him a traitor as much as you want but your are the true traitor

      even if he is not Sinhalese then he is Sri Lankan

  5. Who is this pompous idiot trying to puff himself up to gain votes (from the dead)? What does any deal during the war matter, as war needs strategy also to lure the enemy? What is more important is MR won the war by hook or crook. Is Chumpuka crying over the death of Prabhakaran? Is that his grievance? What a Chump !!!!

  6. Ranil to Ok the Hanuman Bridge and the Tamil Naduans will be shitting all over Pathali and Sri Lanka.

    Yes. Go ahead and vote for Yahapalanaya.
    Pathali, Rajitha, Ranil and all in the Yahapalanaya are drawing the Yahapalanaya cart in all directions UNFGG going nowhere.

  7. Even bribing former president was able to end LTTE problem which ruined this country for thirty years. Consider the loss both people and financial. If it had continued further. Also imagine the loss that would have occurred if the war had continued. When we have people of this attitude how can we expect to develop this Country?.

  8. Mr. Were you not part of the previous government who did all that, if they are true. So, if MR is a crook, you must also be a crook.

  9. How low have you dropped. From a respected patriot to a lying stooging desperate to win man now flirting with the TNA SLMC and Ranil’s UNP, all of who tried to derail the victory over the LTTE terrorists.
    When will you gather courage to support the Sri Lankan nation?

  10. Champika Ranawaka too has a skeleton in his cupboard. He is not that clean as he pretends to be . I have seen some emails in an email forum about Champika’s hobby of taking special photos. One living in glass houses should not throw stones at others.

  11. These are the real opportunist who shits on the plate who ate. Now he is trying to show all aids given to Tsunami victims as money given to LTTE. We know who you are. People of this country will not accept your lies.

  12. OK! – why don’t you reveal it straight-away? Reveal it without just making theses allegations just before the polling day?
    You are a bloody cheapskate – a disgrace to Moratuwa University!

  13. [Sri Lanka and people will realize this in few years time.]
    So true Janka remember how long it took them to realize MR is a thieving corrupt wan be dictator.

  14. Champaka Ranawaka is a partial LTTE member now. They are sitting together in secret room to plan how to divide the country. LTTE will say anything Ranawaka wants as long as LTTE gets what they want from UNP front. It is amassing that all LTTE supporters including Chandrika, Mangala, Rajitha and Arjuna (with blessings from West) in one front in the current election, and only Rajapaksa who defeated LTTE on the other-side. UNP front cannot sleep until they divide Sri Lanka and people will realize this in few years time.

      • where were you when premadasa paid money and gave ruthless ltte cement ,iron , bullets and armament. may be you were hiding in a bunker for fear of òltte. now you are tailking like champions , thank MR for defeat ltte

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