CBK questions votes given for war victory

CBK4Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga has questioned the rationale by some voters to back former President Mahinda Rajapaksa at elections on the basis that he won the war.

Speaking at an event in Kurunegala, Kumaratunga said that if people are going to vote for Rajapaksa simply since he won the war, then they must vote for her and former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka since they too had a role to play.

Kumaratunga said that Rajapaksa has no right to claim that he won the war on his own and that credit must also go to her, the UNP Government and the military.

She recalled that when she was President, the military had secured Jaffna from the hands of the LTTE and under the UNP Government most of the Eastern Province had been liberated.

Kumaratunga said that after Rajapaksa became President parts of the North and East were freed and the LTTE was defeated.

The former President, who recently announced that she will be backing the United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) at the Parliamentary election, said that Fonseka had a large role to play when Rajapaksa won the final battle.

However, she noted that Fonseka was dragged into prison and jailed despite leading the military on the ground to defeat the LTTE.

Kumaratunga said that a book she plans to release on her life story will reveal how badly Rajapaksa treated the country and her after he became President.

She says the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) has been ruined by Rajapaksa and efforts must now be taken to first save the country and then the party. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This women is an utter failure. Country lost pretty much everything during her presidency. Remember loss of 1700 soldiers in mulathiv camp in chandrica time. Tiger bombs were everywhere….central bank, dehiwala train, galadari hotel. She gave no leadership to military. And you son is ashamed to be a Sinhalese. Please go away.

  2. CBK seems to be gone crazy, as could not do much during her administration. Now she joined UNP & their clowns to destroy the country with Indian influence. It is so sad to note that the former president of the country is continuously taking part to divide the country & disunity of sinhalese

  3. she has a personal anger with Mr M this is not politics she ruining election atmosphere and if she was in power the country is divided and we no how she disposed state ventures

  4. Excrement. That’s what she is talking about. 53% of the total lives lost from the Sri Lankan forces happened during her period. The airport, the port and the refinery etc. were attacked when she was in power. By her own admission she is an alcoholic. You should read the interview she did with the Daily Mirror. She is just a pathetic sad lonely woman. Also a puppet of the West. Anyhow more she talks more votes for MR. Thanks for that.

  5. When she could not dictate Rajapaksa she picked feeble characters such as Sirisena and Ranil who does not have even a backbone. She thinks she is the “Unofficial President” of Sri Lanka as both these people bow to her. Basically when Ranil loses the next election in August, Chandrika will be the main reason for UNP defeat..

  6. Come on Madam, if that’s true you too could be subjected to an international inquiry for war crimes since you admit your part in the war. Shame on you! You left the country for luxurious life in UK when the country was going through enormous perils of bloodshed and chaos.
    Whether MR was right or wrong, he is the one who brought the war to an end. That is how you are able to travel to any part of the country freely without fear. That is how every politician today is able to do their election campaign without fear!

  7. What Chandrika had done was to offer the North and East to Prabhakaran to be ruled for ten years without an election. Luckily for Sri Lankans Prabhakaran did not agree to that proposal. Then came Ranil Wicramsinghe and he gave the North and East on a platter to Prabhakaran under the infamous cesaefire agreement. So we Sri Lankans still remember what Chandrika and Ranil did in the face of terrorism. Of course Sarath Fonseka deserves credit for eliminating terrorism from this country together with other war heroes under Rajapaksa duo Mahinda and Gotabhaya. So Chandrika cannot claim any credit for the elimination of terrorism.

  8. I voted for CBK in 1994 but soon realised the mistake. She has absolutely done nothing for the country. She kept all other officials waiting for important meeting setting a bad example from leadership, wasting valuable time of officials , dropping productivity etc etc. You gave roles to your henchmen irrespective of qualified or not. You robbed the country by that infamous lad deal near parliament. You come back in hatred. True SF was the Army commander but without fearless political leadership war would not have won. You know about it but wouldn’t say. What a load of bullwhip pest CBK.

    • Everyone knows that, now talking like a saint. She has lost the respect not only from SLFP supporters but of entire country. It may be wise for her to shut up to enjoy the retirement

  9. This dreadful woman is crazy with jealousy. This is a woman who missed her illustrious mother’s anniversary ceebrations this year, but not only attended the federalist Chelvanayagam’s memorial but also delivered the key note speech praising federalism. What a treacherous, shameless, pompous ‘radala but rodi’ woman.

  10. Was she sober when she delivered her speech, She was the woman who said she and her son ashamed to be Sinhalese Sri-lankans in the BBC hard talk.

  11. This is rubbish, the daughter of an Etonian father, christian thinking and with children in UK, Oh god. What does she know about the poor buddhist villagers? Is there no one in SL

  12. Mahind Rajapakse deserved the full credit of the war victory because of the Political Leadership he has shown during the ware when the EU and USA put pressure on to the Sri Lankan Government. I am sure entire Sri Lanka can remember when Milliband abd Bernard Kuchnar came to Sri Lanka to asked the government to stop the war, what he has said as the Leader of the Nation. It is very strange why Chandrika has forgotten those.

    The political leadership is key in winning any war, where General Denzil Kobbekaduwa encircled entire LTTE Leadership in Vadamarachchi, J.R. Jayawardane then president called off the operation after bowing down to Indian pressure. Otherwise, war would have been fininshed by 1988 and because of this kind of spineless leaders, it has dragged on to another 30 years.

    I am sure that Sri Lankan masses very well remember that Chandrika tried her best to give Tsunami funds (Ptoms)to be handled by LTTE in North/East undermining the Sri Lanka government writ over a part of Sri Lanka. However her efforts were defeated in the Parliament. Another thing is that she has conveniently forgotten how vainly she has tried to break the country in to 05 zones and to provide LTTE North and East on a platter and these efforts also defeated in the parliament. Similarly, because of her short sightedness and blatant disregard to to National Security more than 3000 thousand soldiers sacrificed in Elephant Pass and Mulathivu camps overrun by LTTE.

    Today, she is talking about credit for war victory and I am sure she may be not talking from the mouth and possibly talking from somewhere else.

    When the war was winning Jathidrohi, ranil and the gang ridiculed heroic armed forces by saying they have gone pamankada instead of Alimankade and they have gone to Medawachchiya and not Kilinochchiya. Hope these Sri Lankan masses will never forget these incident in the history of Sri Lanka and never ever vote these gangsters to power.

  13. Yes, Fonseka deserves to be voted at least partly for the victory of the war against the ruthless LTTE outfit – but Chandrika? She doesn’t deserve even a grain of praise for her role – what role did she play if at all?

  14. This paerson is really a rotten woman with jealousy and heartracy campainer. If she is think country before party leave the party and campain with UNP.
    She din`t do much for the country, MR realy won the 30 years old war, but her contribution was 0.

  15. Actually what she said was true. Under UNP Govt, she and Wickremesinghe had liberated the province instead. But Wickremesinghe refused to hand over the powers to LTTE when the Norway proposed the ceasefire agreement along with devolution of power to province which he had refused and he only signed the agreement based on halting the war in Northern Province (That agreement didn’t mention Eastern Province at the time which came under Government control).

    • Dom, you better read the infamous cease fire agreement and then write. You are a disgrace to those who sacrificed their lives as a result of the ceasefire agreement signed by Tigers and Wickramasinghe with Solheim of Norway.

  16. You terror queen nearly divided SL during your time. Tigers were allowed to bring ship loads of weapons with the knowledge of you. Shame you were a president of SL.

  17. Is this woman real.The worst President in the history of Srilanka,Did absolutely nothing for 11 years Lost Elephant
    Pass with a lost of nearly 3000 Solders Economic growth were in negative

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