Canadian diaspora also back TNA at polls

ElectionsThe Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC), a leading diaspora group in Canada, said it supports the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) at the Parliamentary election.

Earlier the London based Global Tamil Forum (GTF) had also supported the TNA and had urged Tamils to back the Tamil political party at the polls.

CTC, in a statement today, said that it strongly urges Tamils and all citizens of Sri Lanka to exercise their right to vote at the upcoming Parliamentary elections. 

“The presidential election of January 8th, 2015 was a turning point in the recent political history of Sri Lanka. Voters turned up in large numbers and voted for change and a new beginning. While Canada and other members of the international community acknowledged and welcomed these changes it is the duty of all responsible Sri Lankan citizens to ensure that these tenuous beginnings are consolidated without giving any chance for their reversal. Although many issues of the Tamil people including land rights, political prisoners and disappearances were not addressed as expected, the election did bring about early signs of goodwill, as reflected in some actions that were taken by the current government. CTC believes that these positive developments, together with new-found political optimism, can be further strengthened after the August election,” CTC said.

The CTC said that the resolution of the Tamil problem will invariably involve meaningful negotiations between the Government of Sri Lanka, the elected representatives of the Tamil people, and other relevant stakeholders. In this context, Parliamentarians elected by the Tamil people will have a major role to play. One strong united voice speaking for Tamils will have a significant impact at these negotiations.

CTC noted that the TNA, under the responsible and experienced leadership of R. Sampanthan, has earned the recognition and respect of not only the Tamil people, but also other community representatives in Sri Lanka and international community members like Canada, USA and India. He has carefully and consistently articulated the concerns, grievances and aspirations of the Tamil people 

CTC works closely with TNA, and its partnership has been crucial in some of the diplomatic achievements made in Canada as well as at the UNHRC in Geneva.  

CTC firmly believes that a strong mandate given to the TNA to represent Tamils in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka will strengthen our position during negotiations. CTC says together with a victory for the progressive forces that advocate democracy and good governance in the South, the chances of achieving a negotiated political resolution, accountability and sustainable reconciliation in Sri Lanka will more likely become a reality. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Tamil diaspora Worry About Tamil In North The real estate In North Has gone through Sky high Because Of The greedy Tamil diaspora They are only filling their own pockets They don’t give A dam about the future of Tamils in North

  2. Tamil voters in SL should use their own judgment rather than listening to Tamil diaspora, most of them don’t know a word of Tamil. These people left the country leaving behind others to face enormous perils during three decades of war. Canadian Tamils should concentrate on the forthcoming Canadian federal election and use their votes wisely, rather than advising voters in SL what to do.

  3. People must vote according to their own conscience and according to ground situation. Diaspora leaders are living in luxury on collection money. They wish the problem to continue like all politicians. Will the children of Diaspora leaders prepared to come and live in their ancestral homes surrendering foreign citizenship.They will be tourists. Some diaspora is in the business of smuggling out Tamils in north. In another 10 years when present generation of Seniors pass away, in the north of the country as well as diaspora leaders, the so called tamil struggle will see natural death or a much amicable turn. The so called Tamil Leaders should understand the reality if they are interested in their people unless they are in the business of politics.

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