UN reiterates North must be involved in talks

UN spokesman Stephane DujarricThe United Nations has reiterated that the Northern Province must be involved in talks to establish a mechanism to investigate incidents related to the war.

Former Foreign Minister, Professor G.L Peiris had earlier questioned a statement made by the UN that the Northern Provincial Council must be included in the accountability process.

Stéphane Dujarric, the spokesperson for UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon however said that the UN believes that there should be genuine and inclusive consultations on a national basis, including the Northern Province, to help arrive at the right model in the Sri Lankan context.

In a statement yesterday in New York, Dujarric said that he had been asked to clarify an earlier statement he made on Sri Lanka and on the accountability process.

Dujarric said the UN supports the Government and the people of Sri Lanka in their efforts to advance reconciliation and accountability.

“At the request of the Government of Sri Lanka, the UN is exploring the provision of a broad package of technical and financial assistance in consultation with all key stakeholders.  The framework of UN support for peacebuilding in Sri Lanka was presented in Sri Lanka last June by the Resident Coordinator.  What is being discussed for support by the Peacebuilding Fund are initiatives to advance the process of reconciliation in Sri Lanka through the resettlement of internally displaced persons, national reconciliation, and the development of credible transitional justice mechanisms in line with international standards.  UN support is always built on the basis of inclusive, transparent and participatory consultations with all key stakeholders. $1 million has already been disbursed to support resettlement and integration initiatives for the remaining internally displaced persons in the north and east on seized land that has been returned by the Government.  For the rest, the UN continues to consult with the Government of Sri Lanka, and all key stakeholders, to finalize the details of UN support,” he said.

Dujarric said the principle of inclusive, participatory and consultative processes will apply to UN support for the establishment of credible accountability and reconciliation mechanisms that meet international standards.

He said the UN believes that there should be genuine and inclusive consultations on a national basis, including the Northern Province, to help arrive at the right model in the Sri Lankan context. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is how business is going to be under RW. All the INGOs and West will dictate what Sri Lankans should do. It is the feast time for them.
    This is the same reason INGOs and Western countries hate MR do everything possible to prevent him to be in the leadership. All these HR allegations are just the tools they use. The HR situation and corruption and mismanagement are not changed under RW, but it is ok for these INGOs and West, as long as RW say Yes Sir! to them.

  2. US dropped atomic bombs killing more than half a million people within minutes. If you have nothing to do investigate on USA, they are still violating all war regulations.

  3. Who the hell are they to tell us who should be in the talks.North is just a province in SL and not the govt,
    Why dont thy try the Bog countries who invaded Iraq/Egypt/Libiya/Iran to name a few.they are all hypocrites
    just leave us alone and keep your aid for the well being of your slum dwellers and drug addicts

    • don’t you understand english you fool any talks has to be inclusive in the sense north should be part of any decision making. in short sinhala primitive savages cannot take a decision unilaterally.

    • If SL government did nothing wrong why you guys panic when North or South participating.This shows all of you guys knew SL Army did wrong and MR too.

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