Fernandez finally opens up on Kapoor

Arjun-Kapoor-and-Jacqueline-FernandezJacqueline Fernandez and Arjun Kapoor seemed to have bonded really well during IIFA this year and ever since then, there have been numerous stories of their alleged closeness, linking them up and at times calling them the new Bollywood couple. Weeks have passed since the inception of such conjectures and neither Arjun nor Jackie reacted to anything. Until recently when Jacqueline decided to set the records straight.

At the launch of The Body Shop’s new range of beauty products, when quizzed about her relationship with Arjun, she told us, “I and Arjun are very good friends and that’s it. I understand it all comes with the territory where people will link us up because we are seen together a couple of times. But there’s nothing more to it.”

Does it affect her? “No, not at all,” she shoots back. “I just listen to all of it and giggle at the news. I don’t read newspapers nowadays so I don’t read most of the things written about me. It’s the people around me who keep informing me. But it’s all fine. People talk about me and Arjun having an affair, me and Salman (Khan) having a fallout. But I don’t need to resolve things on paper. If need be, I will talk to my people directly,” she signed off.

Without any hint of awkwardness, Jacqueline rubbished all rumours about her love affair with Arjun. Is she really being honest or is she following the age old ‘we-are-just-good-friends’ formula now? That only time will answer. (Courtesy DNA India)