Man in three-wheeler stabbed to death in Wattala

police lineA man was stabbed to death by men who had followed him in a three wheeler this morning in Mabola, Wattala, the police media unit said.

The police said that the man had been travelling in a three-wheeler with his son when men in another three-wheeler had blocked his vehicle.

Unidentified men in the three-wheeler had got off and stabbed the man in the other three-wheeler and fled.

The police said that the son was not injured in the incident. The victim was identified as 46 year old Mohammad Adhiyas.

The motive for the murder is still not known. The Wattala police are conducting investigations.

Meanwhile the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) said that Adhiyas was a supporter of UPFA candidate Mohammed Nawzan.  According to the CMEV monitor, the attackers had arrived in a green colour three-wheeler and had carried out the murder using a sharp object.

Nawzan, in a statement to CMEV, has stated that the victim was one his closest supporters. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The rate criminal incidents are occurring this country is heading for various problems. Apart from development. discipline has to be restored. Discipline has come to a very low level. The most important aspect before anything else I feel we need to restore discipline before anything else.

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