CBK seeks protection of January 8 revolution

CBK4Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga urged the public today to protect the silent revolution of January 8 where Mahinda Rajapaksa was defeated at the Presidential election.

Issuing a special statement, Kumaratunga said that with Parliamentary elections taking place this month, she had to decide if she wanted to protect her party, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), or the country and she chose the country.

“To protect the party the country must first be rebuilt. So it is then very important for us to protect the January 8 revolution,” he said.

Kumaratunga was instrumental in obtaining support for President Maithripala Sirisena at the January 8 Presidential election.

The former President said that her love for the SLFP will never fade and she is committed to strengthen the policies of the party.

Kumaratunga said that she worked towards the defeat of Mahinda Rajapaksa at the last Presidential election despite some obstacles she faced and threats to her and her family.

She said she had decided to join forces with those who were against the former Government which had only individual interests at heart. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. CBK, We wonder why you did not end the war when you were in office for 11 years? All you did was give up land to the LTTE and help LTTE create a civil administration and made Elam legitimate. You sold your party to form an alliance with the West to topple MR for your own personal gain. You lack your father’s courage and unlike your mother you do not have an ounce of patriotism in you. We Sri Lankans do not need you, Go back to UK!

  2. CBK the other living ex-president has a heavily corrupted past. But all partners in the campaign lead by West, are against Rajapaksa. This is a very good example how important “Terrorism” to current world. If anyone choosing to eradicate Terrorism, then you face what Rajapaksa facing now. CBK is on a mission from West to destroy harmony in Sri Lanka, otherwise she cannot go back to Europe again.

  3. Unfortunately for the country this Bandit Queen together with Mega Deal Ranil will carry the day on the 17th Aug. I think it would be very difficult to turn the table now because public mind set have changed after Jan 08 Presidential Election. Normally the national Election that comes immediately after swings in a big way towards the party that won the previous Election. It is sad but it quite possible Mahinda Rajapakse will have to face a lot of character assassination and harassment after 17th Aug. I hope I am wrong.

  4. There is no party to protect if there is no country with proper law and order . I dont need to advice you. Take care of the country first. And dont take too long to decide. Support the January 8th revolution openly to create a just society ASAP.

  5. CBK,

    Dont talk bullshiit, you change your words time to time. You are going against your own party. Your father’s party. SLFP should take disciplinary action against CBK. You have a personal problem with MR. That is the main problem. MR has given much better contribution to the party than you.

  6. 2015 January 8th is that what type of revolution has been taken place in Sri lanka?
    Who led such revolution ,and what is the nature and character of the Revolution ?
    What are the political classes behind the such change?
    What are immediate task of so-called revolution?
    Or is that a counter-Revolution? back by CBK & UNP of Ranil? in locally?
    The masses have a potentially inexhaustible enthusiasm so-called counter revolution for
    anti- -democracy movement originated by India-RAW US-CIA and locally assist by CBK,UNP-Ranil ,TNA ,JVP,MC and Ex-JHU members.

    Specially those who follow the old US & INDIAN routine of UNP in the head of a counter-revolutionary period are utterly incapable of seeing this enthusiasm.
    They are blind and all is politically dark ahead of them. At times CBK,UNP &MS go so far to confound right and wrong turn things upside down.

    CBK simply follow old UNP routine invariably underestimate the role of people mobilization and denied that power of people.

    CBK and MS both of them are new appear and always disapprove and then rush to opposed of our nation Unity, Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity & Democracy .

    The pattern of CBK-UNP’s political behavior in regard to anything and everything new.
    Such behavior of CBK & MS combine of UNP-Ranil. ..always passive; always FAIL to move forward at the critical movement of Sri lanka, democracy & Sovereignty during incoming Parliament election campaign 2015 August 17 th.

    We as Sri Lankan could not underestimate the CBK reactionary tendencies do not dismissed the real danger of a Junta of Right wing politics is the aim of current UNP -Ranil …ruling party policies.

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