Two passenger buses collide, 21 people injured

accidentTwo passenger buses collided head-on along the Colombo – Kurunegala road this morning, injuring 21 people.

The police said that a Government bus heading to Jaffna from Colombo crashed into a private bus heading to Colombo from Kurunegala.

Of the injured, 17 people were admitted to the Wathupitiya hospital while 4 people were admitted to other hospitals in the area.

The driver of the private bus was among those injured. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is why I say road travel is so dangerous in this country. And if they crash head-on, one of them was overtaking when it should have been patient and waiting a bit. I am convinced that if a driver finds a vehicle ahead of him, he is compelled to overtake, no matter what.

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