Survey finds Ranil has more support than Mahinda

GE-2015-infographic-2_final-714x1024A survey conducted by the Centre for Policy Alternatives, has found that Ranil Wickremesinghe has more support to be Prime Minister than Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Social Indicator, the survey research unit of the Centre for Policy Alternatives conducted an island wide pre election opinion poll with the objective of identifying Sri Lankan voter perceptions and attitudes on key topics being discussed in the lead up to the election and thereby contribute to the current political discourse.

Only 4 % of Sri Lankans believe that the 2015 General Election will not be free and fair and 66.9% believe that it will be.

When asked about who they think is best suited to be the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, majority from the Tamil (62.3%), Up Country Tamil (71.1%) and Muslim (62.3%) communities said Ranil Wickremesinghe, with less than 2% from each community saying that it should be Mahinda Rajapaksa. Opinion in the Sinhala community is divided, with 36% saying that it should be Mahinda Rajapaksa and 31.9% saying Ranil Wickremesinghe.

From a Provincial perspective, most Sri Lankans from the Western, Central, Northern, Eastern, North Western, Uva and Sabaragamuwa support Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister while those in the Southern and North Central Provinces say Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Sri Lankans are divided on the question about whether former President Mahinda Rajapaksa should be contesting in the upcoming General Elections. 40% of Sri Lankans say that the former President should contest while 42% say that he should not contest. Almost 50% from the Sinhala community say that he should contest while only 14.8% from the Tamil, 8.4% from the Up Country Tamil and 8.2% from the Muslim communities state the same.

When asked about what sort of party representation Sri Lanka should have in the next Parliament, 50.5% of Sri Lankans said that there should be more representation of one party, 25.4% said more representation to larger parties while 14.4% said greater representation of minority parties. For majority from the Sinhala community (57.8%), more representation of one party is preferable while 38.6% from the Tamil community and 31.3% from the Muslim community would prefer to see a greater representation of minority parties in the next Parliament.

The key issues that Sri Lankans believe the next Parliament should address are employment and employment opportunities for youth, reduction in the cost of living, accelerating the development of the country and improving the education system.

The three most important characteristics that Sri Lankans look for in a candidate are what that candidate has done for the country (19.4%), education (17.5%) and that they are not corrupt (15.6%).

These characteristics are similar across the four main ethnic groups as well, although education is also an important feature for both the Tamil community and the Up Country Tamil community.

When asked what issues are most important to them when determining which party/alliance to vote for people said the policies they promise to introduce, corruption related issues, development and the future of the country.

The fieldwork for this survey was conducted during the last two weeks of July and at that time 58.1% of Sri Lankans said that they have already made up their mind about whom they will vote for. 61.4% from the Sinhala community, 45.9% from the Tamil community and around 50% from the Up Country Tamil GE-2015-infographic-1_final-714x1024and Muslim communities say that they have already made up their mind. Almost 30% from the Tamil community stated that they will make up their mind a week before the election while 15.2% from the Muslim community say that they will make up their mind on election day.

For almost 50% of Sri Lankans it is extremely important that the candidates they plan on voting for have declared their assets while 18.5% say that it is somewhat important for them.

For 80.5% of the Up Country Tamil community it is extremely important while 45.7% from the Sinhala community, 51.6% from the Tamil community and 47% from the Muslim community feel the same.

For an overwhelming majority of Sri Lankans (86.4%), the media is a source of information during election time. (Refer Graph 9) When asked what their primary source of media is during election time, 80.9% of Sri Lankans said television, 7.1% said radio and 5.9% said newspapers. From among those whose primary source of information is television, 76.9% said that it is private television while 21.4% said State television.

From an ethnic perspective, for 85.6% from the Sinhalese community television is the main source of information during election time. For the Tamil community it is television (62.2%) and radio (18%), for the Up Country Tamil community television (74.7%) and radio (18.1%) and for the Muslim community it is also television (67.8%) and radio (15.8%).

59% of Sri Lankans say that the information they get from the media influence how they vote while 29.6% say that it does not influence. Information received from the media influencing people’s voting choices is highest in the Tamil community and Muslim community with around 40% from both communities stating that the information they get from the media influences how they vote.

When asked which media has the most influence on their opinion during this election time, 75.2% of Sri Lankans said television, 6.8% said radio and 5.5% said newspapers. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I respect mahinda rajapaksa because he ended the 30 year war in our country.But anyhow he is a corrupted leader.But ranil is not a corrupted political leader.and also he is very clever and leaders of western countries respect him more than mahinda.

  2. In this survey everyone can understand that TAMILS and MUSLIMS are supporting Ranil Wikaramasinghe because he is the only one who will give what ever they want even to divide North and East again. So any child can understand this fucking Ranil is going to fuck up the country again as did in 2001-2003

  3. I think people must think about the future of our Country than the their Political Party. Now MS is our President and will be holding the office for the next five years.

    MS left the MR regime saying it was corrupt and going away from peoples’ wishes. He defeated MR with the support of many people. Now MR is saying that he can work with MS, which is a joke. MS is continuously criticizing the last Government.

    MS’s idea is to form a national government after this election whilst MR wants to have a UPFA Government and he opposes National Government.

    So the people should now think of the person who can with MS for next five years; the party which will support MS to implement his progressive proposals which were approved by the people on 8th of last January. Is that RW or MR. Decision is yours!!

  4. The majority will be decided by sinhalese votes. Because TNA contest in a separate way. Therefore, more seats for Mahinda. This will increase further, in my office 76 % for UFPA and rest for UNP, No for JVP

  5. The arithmetic of the percentages don’t add up, non of the percentage categories add up to 100, may be this is some new kinda arithmetic of the CPA! Laughable : )

  6. RW gets 39.8% and MR gets 27.5% which totals to 67.3%. What was the out come of the other 32.7%? Were they voting for Anura K.D??? if it is then it would big news. Without that data I am making the assumption that RW’s 39.8% includes strong support and will likely support and where is MR’s 27.5 is only strong support and does not include the will likely support. If you take 10% voter base as “I do not know”. Then 27.5+22.7 put MR at 50.2%

    • As per my previous analysis it looks like UNP will gain only 39.8% Votes and UPFA will gain 50.2% which means UPFA will have 117 seats and UNP 80, TNA 20 seats, JVP/DNA will share 8 seats.

  7. Center for Policy Alternative is a Western backed NGO supportive of UNP and who had been against Rajapakse for many years. Naturally their survey reports will be in favor of Ranil even if it is not so.

  8. This shows that Mahinda camp has alienated minorities further and further. They have not yet learned the lesson that showing the the LTTE boogeyman does not work. Also, arousing racial feelings might gain few votes, but alienate a whole lot in the process.

    No one party will get even 90 seats. JVP will have a very strong showing. As usual, the major parties will buy MPs to make a govt. Sad state of politics will continue. MPs will be showered with money and ministerial portfolios. It will be the JVP who will do the real opposition work.

  9. this is a ploy of the UNP who are desperate to win. God forbid they win. Sri Lanka will be divided, We will be ruled by the Eelamists and we will all be talking in Tamil and saying “adi dah , adi Ranil” . MR is our saviour and all MR supporters don’t listen to UNP propaganda.

  10. I think this election will be a tight one. People of this country don’t have a choice, and unfortunately select either one of them. Historically Ranil has been a person with no vision, Mahinda has done mistakes as well. I listen and read both election manifestos they giving lots of promises like chocolates. But country don’t have resources, and investments to make the promises. We need to bring the country to a place where three community will prosper through development. My simple conclusion would be there will not be a leader in this country who will proudly say that he brought the country to a place where the people live happily brought there livelihood to developed stage considering all indexes,
    However, considering all the circumstance and past. I would recommend to vote Mahinda Rajapakse, because at least we will have country to live and die. If Ranil selected the country will be in real turmoil. He is not a good leader. That doesn’t mean Mahinda is a good leader at all. But relatively he is better than UNP leadership.

  11. I would like to see every politician declaring thir assests.
    Mahinda needed in the parliment but with unprecedented of curruption I would support JVP.

  12. CAP is political alternative that key outfit of Tamil political class in North and Colombo, hence they are working day and night for Tamil Eealm of separatism and split an Island of Sri lanka.
    CPA new projects is to bring back that UNP political Junta in power in during coming Parliamentary election.

    Politically the real term of democracy and election confuse the distinction between possibility and probability in their arguments even though,
    there is clear differences between the two.?

    The practice of election ,in fact had had a considerable history in non-western societies like Sri lanka, but it is broader view of democracy in terms of public reasoning that makes it abundantly clear that the Tamil cultural of CPA is critique of democracy as a purely Tamil regional phenomena fails altogether.

    Ongoing election between Mahinda Rajapakese of leader UPFA and UNP -TNA-MS-JVP alliance based on the reliable evidence available ,however, it is highly probable that they did no such thing.

    UNP-Ranil.W… is political role that denied by the Buddhism the democracy in parliamentary politics .Decision on important matter should be made by UNP-Ranil one person alone.

    Indeed we cannot break from Sri lanka’s history or cannot initiate departure our cultural background by what UNP -Ranil did in past.
    Nor let us be resentful when other differ from our politics.

    For all UNP leaders have ill heart and each of heart has its almost western leaning.
    Their -UNP right is our wrong, and Sri lanka right is UNP -Ranil) wrong.

    The survey conducts, it has been suggested that CPA orthodox and irrational spiritual belief that arising from pseudo history of UNP TNA and MC that as substitute for traditional votes of UNPs followers.

    The credibility of survey is base on CPA to meet the misled majority voters of who believed democracy .

    Those who are Not in the line of Democracy that Tamil separatism political class who want to split and Divided Sri lanka by misleading coming Parliamentary election.
    That is aim and urgent task of survey conduct by CPA.

    • All voters of Sri Lanka must demand from the candidates that they should disclose all their assets before the election day. Also, all politicians should be disclosed who they have been supported financially to run fo the seat. This is only way to void corruptions in the future. Educated voters would help to build a good government…

  13. I think we should not categories results race wise, because we don’t get anything out of it other than racism.

  14. This is a cooked up survey. This propaganda will not stop the storm of Mahinda. He will be the next prime minister and Ranil not only lose the General election, he will lose party leadership. If he is not removed from the party leadership, we will do it with the help of peace loving Sri Lankan patriots.

    • oh what you say is a joke to sri lankans.
      i do not think that mr will have a chance this tkme.
      who ever knows that mr is the theif who robbed the sword of late king raajasinghes from katu ge colombo will never vote.I just mentioned only one.
      secondly who ever knows the helping hambanthota allegation took place during tsunami in 2004 will never ever vote mr.
      you may vote because for what you recieved from mr.haa haa.
      Please do not publish faults to public.
      sri lankans knows a lot now about mr.

      • you are very funny. How do you know MR robbed the sward ? You conducted the investigations / Why didnt we know about it ? And what about the copper container deal , Karunkan deal and sentral bank bond deal ?? I suppose you are partially deaf , partially blind and partially dumb cos you only see corruption ‘ partially ” . The problem is central bank bond issue is there with all the facts and witnesses but your accusations are mere speculations . Just grow up . Tell something solid for us to listen !! 😀

    • this is a genuine survey,but most of manida loyalists would not accept the results.definetly they will realized that the survey is correct on 18th august morning

  15. Reply to gon motta dumb shithead poltilak
    You like your rear end getting slammed by rajavassas aha? oh you must be another henchmen. I am surprised you were able to write in English because all of those minority who support mahinda rajavassas are dumb uneducated idiots.

    • You uneducated B-idiot, you just managed to write few English words and think the cleverest in the puppet land.

      • Reply to educated Das
        Pedophile bestalian pervert dont be jealous because I can write a few words in English. I can write, read speak english definitely better than rajavassa and the thuggery clan. Also I earn my living legally without stealing any public funds. but whole rajavassa and the clan (WHOLE FAMILY AND COUSINS CLOSE ASSOCIATES) eating shitting with public funds.Thank Q.

  16. The centre for policy alternatives of Pakyasothi Saravanamuttu had done another bogus set of information to deceive the people. We know where is this centre resides and always had accused MR in many fronts. This is one of the so called civic organizations supporting UNP. I do not understand the amount of publicity this organization is receiving in the media.

    • There is NO need to ask Pakyasothi-The PRESIDENT OF THIS COUNTRY HAS TOLD THAT MR WILL NEVER BE PM, Infact he said that if MR had won the P.Election MSfamily would have been 6 ft. underground.Dumb idiots no point voting for those who have ruined this country with bribery corruption and what not?

      • True, President made this statement but has proved that he is unpredictable . Keep your fingers crossed
        until a PM is selected.

  17. Quoting CPA the CG has just shot themselves in the foot.
    Does CG trust Pakaya Sothy & CPA ?
    I certainly do not touch them even with a barge pole.

    This is brain washing the public. This is advertising.
    In the days gone by when one inquire of buying an electric Iron one does not go to the Stores and asl for an Iorn, instead ask for a “Morphy Richard”.
    Pakaya Sothy, Mangala all live by this theory. they would have been Goebbels Nazis during their last birth.

    CG believes this propaganda because it came from a $$$ vulture organisation.
    CG don’t stoop low & fool the readers…………..

  18. We too live in Sri Lanka. Tamil Diaspora also say the same thing. Such fabrications are published to mislead the voter.

  19. Centre for alternatives is a NGO garbage worked for promotion of LTTE. So there survey too can be very biased. Ground news say Mahinda will win with a huge number of seats. Hope CG will publish this comment not only the comments in Ranils favour.

  20. In a free and fair election, Mahinda will finally face reality. The truth he will see would be lot more worse than he thought.

  21. This obviously is a rigged and fabricated survey result. What was the sample size? how representative is it? Where and how the data were collected?
    Dear voters ignore this biased survey result – this is not genuine!

    • Talking about rigging. You know who rigged the election results when Mahinda ran against Sarah fonseka. Have you forgotten that ? Shame on you man. These are facts .

  22. Ranil has promised to to divide Sri Lanka for Tamils and Muslims so Ranil is getting support from these people. Sinhala people do not need Ranil as Prime Minister, except UNP supporters. There is not a single TV channel for Rajapaksa now, however, there were two TV channels during last MR government time, including TNL. Many TV channels have been advised to ban Rajapksa news except fake allegations. Almost 82% people watch bias information on TV so it is very unfair treatment for Rajapaksa. Even Sirisena is playing a secret role as a traitor.

    • Hey man unfair? What happened during the last elections and prior. Who used tax payers money as his own. The money he spent was belong to the helpless and poor srilankans. Your comments show your intelligence. Now people are free.

  23. Well the main flaw in this survey is that they have counted only the percentage of votes by race. However they have conveniently forgotten to analyse the electoral seats factor. Then it would show a different picture. That is the decisive factor in this election. Not the number of people to vote.

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