Former LTTE members release polls manifesto

IMG_20150804_114908Former LTTE members contesting the Parliament election released their election manifesto in Jaffna today.

In their manifesto, the Crusaders For Democracy called for a political solution to the Tamil issue based on the Indo-Lanka peace accord and the Oslo peace declaration reached between the LTTE and the Government.

The manifesto also notes that if the Government fails to address the issues faced by the Tamils then the Crusaders For Democracy will continue to push for a solution even after the August 17 election.

The former LTTE cadres contesting from the Jaffna District have all been rehabilitated and are led by former journalist N. Vidyatharan.

Following the Parliamentary election, the Crusaders For Democracy will look to grow in numbers and register as a political party.

The Crusaders For Democracy are contesting the election this month as an independent group. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The opinions of leaders of political parties in the South of Sri Lanka (SL) on Federalism for SL wre published in “The Hindu” newspaper yesterday

    Democracy believes in debate, transparency and accountability based on the
    knowledge of truth.

    The historical, political and societal truth are these;

    1. The Potuguese captured our island called “Serendib” and ruled as the first colonial power from 1505 to 1658.

    2. They captured the land and the people of Jaffna Kingdom, from King Sangili separately, from the rest of the island.

    3. Later, though they captured the whole island; as indigenous Tamils were a separate people with separate land, heritage, identity, language and culture, they ruled them separately and differently.

    4. The Dutch took over in 1658 and ruled till 1796. And the British from 1796 till 1972. Both colonial powers ruled Tamils as a separate people and ruled differently from the rest of the island

    Obviously, Tamils have the right of Self Determination to determine their own future.

  2. It is good if they have given up separatism ideas and live in “One Sri Lanka” together with Sinhalese and Muslims (and other minor ethnic groups). They should be stand alone but not like JVP who behave as prostitutes in politics.

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