UNP has not abandoned National Government

Lakshman Kiriella (2)The United National Party (UNP) says it has not abandoned the idea of forming a National Government after the August 17 Parliamentary election.

UNP member Lakshman Kiriella said that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is firm on the idea of having a National Government which will result in the entire Parliament being the Government.

“The entire Parliament must look for solutions for this country. We cannot be like the former Government where we were divided and where minorities were harassed. The country cannot develop like that,” he said.

Kiriella also said that the opposition is now running scared as they see defeat at the August 17 Parliamentary election.

The former UNP Parliamentarian said that the attack in Kotahena was part of an attempt to scare the UNP and its supporters ahead of the election. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Really! It sounds like a national government with all parties. Which is not a bad idea. But, people are watching whether you pave way for a separate state for minorities.

  2. UNP leader is sincere in his vision to form a National Government after the election. Unfortunately the spokesperson have not succeeded in putting this idea across the masses. This weakness has resulted in few corrupt members of the opposition who are grabbing every opportunity to ridicule the government announcing that UNP is unable to gain a majority by itself and hoping to form a coalition to rule the country and they will not support a UNP government.
    UNP leader should openly declare that UNP will win with a substantial margin and want every political party to get together to bring about National Reconciliation and formulate a National Policy on Health, Education, Living Standards, etc,etc rather than buying over politicians of rival parties with promise of Ministries or Money.
    This will lead the country towards a new era with a National Policy rather than been governed by whims and fancies of uneducated politicians.

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