Police seek help to arrest Wele Suda’s aides

wele sudaThe police have sought public assistance to arrest four suspects who are believed to be accomplices of underworld kingpin and drug trafficker Wele Suda, and who are alleged to have been involved in money laundering.

Police spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that investigations have been launched to locate the four suspects, including two women.

The police identified the suspects as Dilini Nilmani a resident of Dehiwala, Nadeeka Nilmini, a resident of Colombo 6, Sugath Kumara, a resident of Wellawatta and Chanaka Fonseka, a resident of Dehiwala.

Gampola Vidanalage Don Samantha Kumara aka ‘Wele Suda’ was arrested in Pakistan, and deported to Sri Lanka in January.

An Interpol Red Notice was earlier issued for his arrest. He was known to be one of the major drug traffickers in Sri Lanka and had amassed a massive wealth from drug trafficking before he fled the country with his wife when police moved on him.

However, the police arrested his wife when she returned to Sri Lanka at a later date.

Wele Suda was accused of having links with top politicians and popular personalities who he had used to escape police custody. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. start with top politicians and then ask the general public for assistance. most of these scumbags are protected by the higher echelons of the political establishment. we know of an instance when a drug baron of negombo was prevented from being arrested by the top most politician who arrived by helicopter to help him. WHEN LAW MAKERS ARE BLOODY LAW BREAKERS HOW CAN YOU HAVE LAW AND ORDER IN THE COUNTRY?

    • Right! When there is so much evidence of top political leaders and police involvement with Welesuda why run after there small fish? Get the big ones first and then these sprats! Do a proper job rather than trying to safeguard the elite like MahaRaja did!

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