Concerns raised over Sooka’s new report on Lanka

Yasmin SookaThe Government has raised concerns over the report released by an international human rights agency which claims that human rights violations had taken place in Sri Lanka even in 2015.

Government sources said that it would be helpful if groups like the International Truth and Justice Project focuses on working with the Government to share details and evidence of alleged incidents related to human rights abuses.

The report released last week by the International Truth & Justice Project, a project administered by the Foundation for Human Rights in South Africa, run by transitional justice expert Yasmin Sooka who was also a member of the UN panel of experts on Sri Lanka after the war, shows how the use of torture and sexual violence is part of a well-coordinated policy, planned at the highest level of the Sri Lankan government and its security forces.

“What is given in the report, as you would realise when you look at it, is inadequate for the purpose of carrying out investigations (of course public reports can’t give out sensitive data as it is important be mindful of the safety of the victims). Another issue is that groups of this nature also need to be mindful of the holistic picture – the welfare of communities, healing, resettlement, psycho-social support, livelihood support etc., which are essential for meaningful reconciliation focused on ensuring non-recurrence,” Government sources said.

Government sources also said that it is important to handle such sensitive issues carefully in a manner than does not hamper reconciliation and in a manner that addresses the concerns of victims on all sides with focus on, as President Maithripala Sirisena has already said, healing and uniting hearts and minds – reconciliation and development.

Through careful research brought to life by the vivid horror of victim testimonials, the report titled ‘Still Unfinished War: Sri Lanka’s Survivors of Torture and Sexual Violence 2009-2015′ goes as far as to identify torturers and rapists.

It also pinpoints 41 detention facilities, including secret camps, where victims say they were abused after the war. It lays bare the continuation of state-organised abductions, torture and sexual violence by the security forces long after the change of government in January 2015. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. this kind of report is juts a joke. today look the true position of the world 27m refuges living just in the middle east. over 100m people are refuges elsewhere in the world. so this lady was right had of former UN human right commissioner who was going all out against majority people in sei lanka and lairing flowers to terrorist leaders death place.

  2. This Paranha is a defeated looser who is always licking the back side of the ruthless Prabha.He lives in another planet dreaming.Keep dreaming you or any other organization will not be able to bring Sri Lanka to its Knees.We Bless and thank All Sri Lankan forces.They are our true Herod.They saved our beautiful Mother Land We Sri Lankans Sinhalese,Tamils,Muslims,Burgers,Moors,Malys,Chinese,Burgers,Bohras,Sindis,And Veddas will never allow anyone to inter fear in our land

  3. She is now carrying the flag for her finer college N.Pilli who was a Tamil and was not impartial towards Sri Lanka.There is always two sides to any story and these so called people who work to protect Human Rights only protecting there jobs by wasting time and money that can be put to better use.

  4. Sooka will not have a job if she stops interfering in Sri Lankan affairs. Perhaps she must concentrate of the serious human rights violations in her own Country, South Africa.

  5. Primarily out come of the research should be based of fair and unbiased information. If you write a statement of “one party” it doesn’t carry the characteristics of a “research”. It is just a record of a statement which has not evaluated with real facts and figures. Sooka has to learn the meaning of “research”.

    It is commonly accepted as “the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.”

  6. This is a funny report from an organization with a high sounding name. This woman perhaps is coughing on the side who pays the money to her. A report without any facts and figures simply accusing the government of Sri Lanka in the same format what Navin Pillai did earlier. Why only Sri Lanka attacks on this scale. What about the carnage happening in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Congo, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Kosovo, Serbia and a whole host of other countries. This report is written on funds raised by the Tamil Diaspora and making the justice system in the world partisan.

  7. Where was this Sooka when areal attacks by ‘NATO/US’ killed thousands of innocent civilians in middle-eastern countries? Probably there is no diaspora to pay money for her to raise issues in UN on behalf of them.

    • Don’t talk about other countries but accept what atrocities the SL military is committing against the tamils even after the end of the war. A crime is a crime regardless of what NATO or the US are doing. The SL military are well known for rapes and other abuses. Remember what they did in Haiti to children?

      • and what is so degrading in the Diaspora (Tamil Community) paying some qualified person to make a
        Report, in order to initiate Justice? Just because
        Countries like Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Congo, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Kosovo etc etc. have not been reported on, should not “good governance” mean
        something to victims, even now? The attitude of the
        State to political Prisioners and the specific law under
        which they are held to-date indicates what this Report
        is all about.

      • can you please explain, do you know any country which has not accused anyone for rape cases? Well known countries which human rights are considered as protected, such as UK, USA, etc, In this case does that mean the rape cases are encouraged by the government? In Sri Lanka, do you think all the sexual abuses are against Tamils only?? Not even one Sinhala person being a victim of a sexual abuse?? Open your eyes and see. Do not take everything in racism. Nothing against any isolated community. It’s all common as the normal world.

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