UN supporting North on Wigneswaran’s request

WigneswaranThe United Nations says it is exploring provision of a broad package of technical and financial assistance to the Northern Province on a request made by Northern Province Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran.

UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric said the UN supports the Government and the people of Sri Lanka and their efforts to advance reconciliation and accountability.

“What is currently under discussion for support by the Peacebuilding Fund are initiatives to advance the process of reconciliation in Sri Lanka by resettlement of internally displaced persons, national reconciliation, strengthening human rights mechanism, and ending impunity.  The UN support is always based on the basis of inclusive and participatory consultations with all key stakeholders.  And my understanding is that already $1 million have been already dispersed to support resettlement and integration initiatives for the remaining internally displaced people in the north and east on land that’s been… on seized land that have been returned by the Government.  For the rest, we continue to consult with the Government of Sri Lanka and the Northern Provincial Council and all key stakeholders to finalize the UN support,” he said.

Asked about the position of the UN on the investigations over the war and if it should be a domestic or international process, the UN spokesman said that it will need to be determined after the report on Sri Lanka by the UN High Commissioner for human rights is released. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. un උතුරට සල්ලි දුන්නම මහා මහඇමතිගේ ඉල්ලිමට, එතකොට උතුර වෙනම රටක් වන්නේ නෙතිද?
    මම හිතුවේ un නියෝජනය කරන්නේ රටවල් විතරයී කියල

  2. All forget the past. March forward.

    Build the country and get the beniffit. We Srilankans have the style , good taste and hospitality. This is our asset.

    We have to build a decent civilised drugs free Srilanka.

    Join hands.dear friends.

    • My foot!
      All forget the past.March forward..
      Imagine if your sister is raped right in front of your eyes and her body is badly scarred. Will you not want the perpetrator punished? Or will you take it philosophically and tell your sister to forget the whole issue and move forward.

  3. Eelam Tamils do not trust SL govt on any meaning full resolution to this conflict smoldering since 1948.
    Tamils will not cow down to all the usual “commissions” and the useless reports.
    The is ripe for a concrete resolution ;eg: confederation.

  4. I hope that the good intentions of UN are not subverted by the occupying armed forces and the governor.

  5. I hope that the good intentions of UN, are not subverted and sabotaged by the occupying army and to biased governor.

  6. if UN cannot be impartial to poor countries, World needs another body to represent needs of third world countries. Currently UN is acting to the needs of US.

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