Sri Lanka now like a police State says Gota

gotabhaya-rajapakseFormer Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa says Sri Lanka is now like a police State as a result of the actions of the United National Party led Government.

Speaking at meeting held in support on the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), Rajapaksa said that members of the former Government are facing severe harassment at the hands of the authorities.

He said that the actions of the police Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID), the CID and the Bribery Commission are like actions taken in a police State.

Rajapaksa said that even he and the family of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had been grilled by the authorities over various allegations.

He said that several businessmen have also been questioned by the police over alleged links with the former Government.

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa also said that the LTTE was defeated by the UPFA led Government and this resulted in a peaceful environment being created even for the North.

Rajapaksa also noted that while the UNP led Government had accused the former Government of corruption, it never backed the allegations with facts.

He said that the allegation that the former Government stole while developing the country was an indirect accusation that the former Government stole from China.

Gotabhaya Rajapaksa stressed that no one can steal from China as the Chinese Government is firm against fraud and corruption. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is, considering the prevailing atmosphere, a far better experience than the military human pummeling state. Your family has monopolised the victory over terrorism as your own and sadly denied the true benefit of it to the people. Good people were humiliated in various ways by, outsourced contracts to ,your goons , so that you can deny responsibility. If the police is run truly by its code of conduct and expected unbiased legal approach and not do favours , then this transitional period is a good and encouraging sign.

  2. The idea of Democracy we have to reclaim by 180 rule by anti-democracy norms of UNP politics and policy practices.
    Is that correct one or other form UNP want run police state or few handful Junta Regime.

    All UNP and MS their activities and notion represents every field which substantially created by disorder of colossal of democracy.

    Modern Sri lanka democracy giving shape to a well established Sri Lankan consciousness.
    But UNP is nowhere.

    UNP that type of police oriented of politics undermined contributed substantially to Sri Lankan emerging middle class for broad & wider of range of Democracy.

    Gota was correct what he said. I admire his statement .

  3. Sri Lanka Now like a Police state. My ass. We know what you did during your time. When you had power you never thought that one day you can loose power. Remember how you brought Tulip flowers for your son’s wedding by using Sri lanka Airlines,Remember how you brought a puppy from France by using Sri Lanka airline. Now you talk about a Police State? as some one pointed before the whole country is looking forward to see what is going to happen to you and the rest of the clan. Others also please learn a lesson from this. When you have power given by people don’t misuse it work for the public not for the family. There are millions of Sri Lankan’s ready to witness your downfall.

  4. In any case you were not a intelligent all though you try to claim that your strategy won the war. If you were so intelligent and your team, a notorious drug lord can not deceive you. How could you shake hand with drug lord if you are so intelligent? Not only you, your entire brass were there. Thanks to genaral Fonseka, MS and good goverence today you are still breathing

  5. Sir ,
    You are right, we had terrorist state ,Sri Lankans were
    ruled by no less than 3 terrorist grp at a time

    Just to name a few
    1)LTTE & Co
    2)Rajapakse and co
    4)religious extremist .
    5) foreign govts
    6) Terrorism depriving education
    7) Economic terrorism
    8)Corrupted political terrorist
    And so many more to list

    Now we trying to evolve to perfect dharmiste society
    We got rid off LTTE, and working down the list ,we will make it it may have some obstacles , I imagine ,
    It may be strange for you to look at it from the receiving side.

    Sir ,You claim that you rid off of LTTE ,
    Let me tell you a secret ,
    LTTE was eliminated by srilankan people.
    Tamils were fed up of LTTE they found traitors in the Org
    To betray the grp and Sinhalese found a mastiff to fight
    the Tiger trained by interested foreigners , now time for mastiff to go back to the kennel , people are searching
    for some one to do their next task
    Get it !

  6. At least you can speak and complain as you do these days. Have you forgotten how this country was ruled just seven months ago? If you spoke like this you won’t be alive tomorrow. Has ALZHIMER setting on you?

  7. There will be more police action and FCID will be
    strengthened after the election under MS/Ranil
    rule, which are necessities for good governance
    as in the eyes of law, all are equal.

    • Election slogans by the govt and the Gobbels type “Vicious Gossip Batallion ” of the Minister of Finance constituting chiefly youth from, Kotahena, Mutwal, Wattala, Negombo and that coastal belt…going all over the country… spreading rumors against Ex Pres Mahinda and other UPFA members can have a backlash.Intelligent voter needs to watch carefully …take each rumor peacemeal and watch their merit. So far the UNP members have become “PACHAYAS.”

    • Thank God its only a Police State and not a White Van, Rapists, Murderers, Bribe Takers state, as it was under Gotha and his brothers.

  8. The biggest criminal and a wanted killer is talking
    what he did the white vans kidnapping killing extortion and various serious crimes he should have been hanged by now shame on MY3 ‘s failed action to arrest and punish these criminal and giving nominations to MR and his culprit gangs this left them to bark and repeat their crimes against the innocents example Kotahena killing an innocent UNP supporter

    • Don’t accused Hon.Gotabaya Rajapakse, he is a perfect straight forward, a Officer, and a gentleman, White Van was a common practice of interline the service to cracked down, criminal gangs like LTTE, Other countries do more than the white van stuff to win the terrorists, but their vans are different in colour, you talk abut white van if there is no white vans, still we are suffering from cowardly LTTE Bombs, around the our country, these all are dirty propaganda of those who are the supporters of terrorists. It is a true.

      • May be you talk about the future LTTE threat that you people planing to plant in a MRs political Rally . Arnt you?

  9. i agree with Gotabaya, Sri Lanka is a police state now, the UNP are after every politician except their horu lot, mahendren is walking Scott free, Ravi is jabbering about how much the country has improved financially and bali kata MANGALA is busy looking for MR’s trillions allegedly hidden in off shore banks. They haven’t done anything good for the people of the country. Ranil is busy running the gestapo FCID. My3 is planning what to do with the “rajapakshS who are a thorn in his side.

  10. This is the funniest joke I heard in a long time. This idiot has forgotten about they what did. No medication foe Alzheimer’s.

  11. Mr. Gotabaya.

    During your time Police didn’t carry-out duties as everything was under your command. You are hypo crate & did at your discretion. You should be tried at Hague .


    Financial Crimes Investigations Division (FCID), the CID and the Bribery Commission AFTER THE THIEVE SROGUES RAPISTS DRUG TRAFFICKERS MURDERERS.
    Innocent law abiding citizens are no been involved or harrased by these organizations. When you are your stupid bro (GAMBETTAS) were ruling innocent civilianz were murdered thrown out from thier houses land pvt land was grabbed without compensation or informing the damn owner. You and your whole family should be jailed for life with hard work or must be beaten to death.

    • True and well said -Rajapakses family fathers to Sons and most deadliest Gota all deserved to be behind bars the best hanged in public for all their crimes so others will lean a lesson

  13. Thats why you are living free like that in middle of Colombo. Thats why you speak like this in a political rally! Thats why we keep quiet and let you live free like this under democratically elected Govt. I would like to ask you ( Iam sorry for this) do you have any memory loss or somethin? Dou you remember how did you treat Poddala Jayantha at your office? What did you said at least? Do you remember how did you travel in the Gall face Road during the war? People have to turn otherside when you Travel. What do you call for that? Military State?How did you talk to BBC corespondent? How did you talk to IGP? Remember? How did you live before you come back to Sri Lanka? You can fool some people. But Not all!

  14. Mr. Gotabhaya your absolutely correct sir. It looks like UNP politicians follow direct instructions from USA that country is a broken state under police control you had that experience during your stay in USA. People in that country stay in fear most of the time their mouth is basically shut most fearful people you find in the earth are Americans, next nation will be the Sri Lankans if not UPFA takes control under M.R. as the new P.M. thank you for your dedication.

    • Hey Ass man , to me you look like another rajapksa slave. Wake up man , be considerate to your fellow countrymen. I’m a U.S. Citizen and our govt got nothing to do with the shit you are talking about. If you have proof ,prove it and for heavens sake don’t bull sxxx around . To me you are a disgrace for SriLanka.

    • The Tamil Diaspora created by successive ceylon/sinking lankan governments will not rest till you bas—– along with your clan are brought to justice in ICC.
      You will pay the sins that you have committed.

  15. You are a mass murderer;you have no right to speak on peace and law.
    Tamils wont rest until you and your thugs are brought to justice.

  16. God is Great!

    Every action has a re-action…

    Now days are raining in our jungle..

    Don’t you remember “FLACH BACK” when you was the defense minister how much Karma you did it.

    Now you are talking like a ” MILKY BABY”

    IF you or members of the former government not done any thing wrong, no one will harrest. But KARMA will kill you all, go to a front of a mirror and talk to your self what you are saying is correct or not. be honest what word you are talking.

    Now you members cannot fool the citizens we knew what to do and whom to cast our vote this time.

    This is the biggening what and see..

  17. you have failed with your intelligence when you met the drug lord?.
    winning the war we thought you contributed with intelligence and strategy you provided.

    now it is clear,

    it’s all about the war heroes.

    then what did you do in the war?.

  18. Sri Lanka now has independent Judiciary and Police Services. Under the former regime, these institutions were influenced by the Rajapaksha Family, in addition, the underworld was run by them. These goons wants to cover up their misdeeds. Gotabhaya cannot return back to his adopted country due to the fact he will be subjected to investigation for crimes.

  19. When they were in power we were under military state but those who were in power did not feel it. When the law is prevail they feel that they are in police state. Without an impartial police people do not feel safe but wrong dowers feels unsafe. .

  20. Hay, Are you talking sense. You were the most corrupted public servant in the history of Sri Lanka. Now you must be mad as people of this country enjoy freedom of speech and freedom of movements. No more thuggary and white vans. Go to hell Gota. When time comes all your dealings would be investigated. Enjoy now.

  21. Don’t become as commodian ,people trust law and order
    You also enjoy it ?
    Your bros says LTTE coming , you say peacefull
    Confusing me

  22. Western countries do not like peace in poor countries although they expect peace in their countries. These countries make sure Civil unrest is created through the politicians listen to them. Gota cannot do much to stop this except educating people

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