Lanka will not agree to international probe on MR

Mahinda RajapaksaThe Government said that it will not agree to an international war crimes investigation on former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Cabinet spokesman Rajitha Senaratne said that the position of the Government is that a domestic mechanism will be setup to investigate allegations over the war on the LTTE.

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is scheduled to release a report in September at the UN Human Rights Council on the war.

The report will look at allegations that civilians were killed during the last stages of the conflict before the rebels were defeated in 2009.

Some International human rights groups have been calling for a UN backed international probe on the war and for those accused to be taken before an international war crimes tribunal.

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights compiled a report on the war based on statements collected from the families of victims and eyewitnesses and Senaratne said a copy of the report is expected to be handed over to President Maithripala Sirisena next month.

However he said even if the report suggests an international investigation or for those accused to be taken to an international court, the Sri Lankan Government will not agree.

He said the Government position has been that only an internationally accepted local process will be used to ensure accountability over the war. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It’s not about a one race, it’s about the integrity of a country. Those who move from one green patch to the other cannot get it. war was not against Tamil but LTTE. they were a bloody terrorist group and they got what they deserved.
    What would you call a group who comes to a temple and shoots at people who are meditating?

  2. It’s just playing for the gullible Sri Lankan public. UNP rejected the Federal solution and now Rajitha says no international investigation.
    All this because they know that these issues will heavily damage of their chance of winning. Not doing in good faith.
    If they win, all the promises Mangala made to West over last months will be delivered. US will make sure of it.
    If they win and form a government, all the hell will break loose for Sinhalese and War heros.

  3. If SL government or Army did nothing wrong on the war against LTTE why should they fear to appear before UN Human Right Council of war.

  4. No body trusts the government of Sri Lanka……..thanks to MR, his government has destroyed all the credibility and dignity of Sri Lanka….!

    • No one trusts the UN. It is a bunch if highly paid bureaucrats who are dependent on western money to keep their perks and jobs. They will never do anything to challenge the West. They should have first mounted a war crimes investigation on the US and NATO actions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and continuing war crimes In Syria, Yemen and many other countries. How can you trust an organisation that is so blatantly biased. Only the deaf and dumb will trust the UN.

  5. Unfortunately pakse ‘s crimes are international money laundering and hoarding public hard currency.
    Also the money was generated by illegal narcotic and arms deals.
    All these come under the purview of international probe and he cannot hide behind saffron garb.

  6. Let me tell a sad story ! Ranil will save the Rajapaksa’s of all wrong doings. Ranil made it expressly clear that he “saved Mahinda from going to the electric chair”, do we need to say more??

  7. Why? Is it to protect Sinhalese criminal because the victims were Tamils.

    By such acts they discriminate Tamils still.
    enemy nof human race b
    The Sinhalese must not go backwards but move forwards to civilisation to do justice and love kindness.

  8. i am sure if MR electred as PM, UN report will be issued imidiately against war crime. If MR not comes to the power report will be delay and desolve.

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