UNP rejects a federal solution for Tamil issue

Ajith Perera 1The United National Party (UNP) today rejected a proposed Federal solution to address issues faced by the Tamils and reiterated that it stands for a united Sri Lanka.

Deputy Foreign Minister Ajith P. Perera said that the UNP will not allow a situation to arise where the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims are unable to live in unity in one country.

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) had, in its election manifesto released this week, proposed that power sharing arrangements continue to be established as it existed earlier in a unit of a merged Northern and Eastern Provinces based on a Federal structure.

The manifesto also noted that Tamil speaking Muslim historical inhabitants shall be entitled to be beneficiaries of all power-sharing arrangements in the North-East.

Ajith P. Perera said that the policy of the UNP and the United National Front is to devolve powers to the provinces in consultation with all concerned and within a united and undivided Sri Lanka.

“We will not agree to a Federal solution,” Perera insisted.

The Deputy Foreign Minister also said that the UNP has no agreement with the TNA and that it never had one even at the earlier election.

Perera said that the UNP is confident of winning the August 17 Parliament election which it is contesting together with its partners in the United National Front for Good Governance. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Can anyone tell me the rights a person of Sinhalese origin
    has and the person of Tamil origin does not have at present in Sri Lanka.This will help me to understand the
    demand for equal rights by tamil speaking people in Sri lanka

    • Why sinhalese doesn’t like federal government? Federal is not dividing the country. It is a way to keep people together having different cultural values. Srilankan Tamils are so much different. Most sinhalese have not encountered Tamils from North. Then they will understand that they have a cultural value and that must be preserved.

      The problem Srilankan Tamils have are

      1) Language. Despite the Srilankan constitution recognise all three languages still Jaffna government offices receive letters in only Sinhala. Tamils are people so much fond of their language and they are afraid unitry government will destroy Tamil. Already state sponsored colonisation is happening in north.

      2) They fear about the past. Because still there are people support and vote for Mahinda Rajapaksha knowing his government is pure supportive of sinhala Buddhist nationalism. Tamils recognise all sinhales are not nationalists. But the problem comes from radical people. At the time of world war few nazi concepts could change the entire German people.

      3) Power of the monks. Tamils do not agree religious monks partake in politics.

      4) TNA – TNA do things like mahinda rajapaksha uses racism to get political advantage. They show Tamil people that what LTTE couldn’t do by weapon we will do by politics.

      5) They think they are smart.
      They think Srilankan government is hindrance to their advancement.

  2. Deputy minister mentions three English words/terms to describe his opinion. The three terms are ‘devolve powers’ ‘united’ and ‘undivided’. While using these terms he says that they will not agree for a federalism. I do not know whether Ajith Perera can ”devolve power within a united and undivided Sri Lanka” because if power is to be devolved to the periphery, the country loses its unitary nature which it enjoys now. When the power is devolved the country becomes a federal state with divided self governing units in the periphery. It is to unite the divided self governing units in the periphery the term united comes into the play. That is how Ajith Perera and the UNP wants to change the administrative nature of Sri Lanka to federalism by using the term ”united” instead of ”unitary”. One cannot ”unite” what is not divided. Only when the division is done it has to be united. Division comes only with federalism. Come clean deputy minister Aith.

    • Chandra – All what the Tamils are asking is an Indian
      model of governing.and not the federal types available in Canada ,America or Russia, where each federal state acts as an independent entity but in Indian model,
      it is not so and any demand for separation is treated as
      treason. Before Independence,many Indians were below the poverty line in a unitary India and to day they are a regional super power with a vibrant economy in a united India and this is all due to devolution of power to the states, where each state competed with the other for good performance and improved the economy
      and this paid dividends and made the country rich.and united.
      Should we not follow their example? instead of hiding under the phobia that federalism will pave the way for separation. Unitary govt.in SL, failed under 60 years of rule by the majority, suppressing the minorities by use of force and discriminations of all types and it is time for people to get united to improve the image and economy of the country and march forward like India.
      Switzerland, the size of Sri lanka also runs a federal govt. People ,if they want to progress should be broad minded,

  3. Have all newly elected members of Parliament take an oath that they will not agree/ approve/ or allow the separation and uniting The Northern Province and the Eastern Province.

    • Ranil is the decision making body but Ajith Perera is nobody to Sri Lankans or UNP. So, if this is the UNP stance in this issue, Ranil must give a statement. Otherwise, how can we believe these junior members of UNP?

  4. Ajith rejects but Ranil accepts. Ranil must make a public anoucement about the stand of the UNP but not Ajith.

  5. We do have a Power Sharing system established in SL by India in 1987.Provincial Council system has enough power vested to Provinces to address local problems and Chief Ministers like the one in Western Province is enjoying the Powers and serve the people. Why cant the Chief in the North do the same? They want LAND. That means the first step of a war

  6. TNA can take a hike when it comes to power sharing. Under no circumstance should any governing party should give in to this garbage. Tamils are a minority similar to Muslims and others and they can enjoy all rights under one banner “Sri Lankans”. Will the TNA recruit low cast Tamils? This is the nucleus of the problem among the Tamils and solve this before you think of power sharing.

  7. The trend is visible – the UNP too has to keep rejecting
    whatever the TNA proposes, just to win the Sinhala votes.
    Once the GE is over they WILL have to sit on the matter under IC pressure, remembering that this is the 21st Century
    Already MS has stated that boundries do not divide a
    country, which has a deep meaning.

    • Punchi – TNA was asked by the world powers to lie low
      during the six months period the national govt. was in
      power and they did that and everybody knows that they
      did not create any problems. As a reciprocal act ,the
      international community agreed to intervene and settle the Tamil problem after the elections. Lets wait and see
      what UN, India ,USA & Britain will be doing after the election. Unlike the previous years, the international
      community , certainly gave assurance to the Tamils thro’TNA this time, that the existing problems will be settled. Sure that they will not end up as traitors.

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