Sri Lanka first country to have universal internet coverage

CK-lHwfUcAQKIU1Foreign, Telecommunications and IT Minister, Mangala Samaraweera, today announced on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka a historic initiative to cover the entire country with affordable high-speed internet in partnership with Google.

Using high altitude balloons Google Loon will cover every inch of Sri Lanka with seamless access to the internet. Sri Lanka is now on its way to becoming the first country in the world to have universal internet coverage.

The minister noted that “from this event onwards advertisements or headlines saying “Matara covered” or “Jaffna covered” will become a part of history.”

He concluded his speech saying that he was “proud to declare that we are at the cusp of a reclaiming our heritage of being connected to each other and connected to the world. In a few months we will truly be able to say: Sri Lanka. Covered”

This initiative would not have been possible without the support of LotusFlare, whose chairperson is a visionary member of the Sri Lankan diaspora, Chamath Palihapitya, and Project RAMA. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. How do you know when a government is in trouble they start beating the chest with propaganda. RW is ready to build ships & cars may be the next step will be exporting crooked Central Bank Governors to the rest of the world. Sri Lank is fortunate have two top in this field Cabrall & Mahendren. Remember last regime big achievements mega oil discoveries, monorail to take tourist to gambling capital in Katana of all places, Olympics, Commonwealth games and FI in Hambanthota, satellite launching and space travel for a Lankanut & many more. Well became number one in Ethanol and corruption fore sure.

  2. Put Mangala in one of the balloons and send to space never to come back. He is a useless person to Sri Lankan politics, as he does not have proper plans to development.

  3. High!! Like the hot air bubble??
    What is high in Mbits/sec average upload and download??
    Italy was the first to go digital TV but it belongs to the PIGS.
    When you go high like Sepala the skyjacker
    Lanka Bank Busters like Nigerians

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