UNP insists that it is for a united Sri Lanka

gayantha-karunathilaka2The United National Party (UNP) today insisted that it stands for a united Sri Lanka and urged the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) not to spread hatred among the communities in the country.

Media Minister and former UNP Parliamentarian Gayantha Karunathilake said that the UPFA has no topic to discuss ahead of the August 17 Parliament election and so they are attempting to create communal disharmony.

“Do not attempt to set fire to this country by using the election stage to incite racial hatred,” Karunathilake said at a press conference today.

The UPFA has been questioning the stand of the UNP on the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) election manifesto saying the TNA manifesto looks to divide the country.

Karunathilake said that the UNP clearly stands for a united Sri Lanka and so no one needs to have doubts over that. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. UNP has been promised United ,but they an opposed and denied unitary state by leadership Wickramasinghe rule of UNP -Junta.

    Ranil W…the man who had been supposed agreed with LTTE divided our country for Tamil Eealm 2002 ?
    As similar policy adopted by UNP JRJ ,which agreed with Indian 1987 divided on that PC council for North and East Tamil Eealimist .
    Both UNP party leaders which surrender that national sovereignty in past modern history and pave way to
    de-territorial of country that lead to split for so-called Eealm rough& puppet State.

  2. The UNP must insist that every Member of Parliament will take an OATH that they will not favour Separation.

  3. This is a very sensitive issue. I wonder if anyone, specially in the extremists groups of the Tamil diaspora realizes that if MR & Co. return to power, what will happen……….. !! There is an old English proverb, “Discretion is the better part of valour”. But then, I guess these people do not really care.

  4. Why a united Sri Lanka ? Sri Lanka is proclaimed as a Unitary State. Why does anybody want to change the unitary nature of the State ? United States of America is proclaimed as ‘united’ as there are fifty states within the USA. Arizona is a state within the USA. Texas is another state in the USA. These states have a governor and councils. So Sri Lanka is not as big as USA and does not need separate states to govern. What we need is a unitary state and every citizen should accept the unitary nature and there cannot be self determination within a unitary state. So if a country is proclaimed ‘united’ that country will become a federal state like USA or India. India is a classic example where state authorities attempting to go against the centre. So Sri Lank should maintain its unitary nature and say NO to united federalism.

  5. Is that why Sambandan & Hakim has made public statements that the UNP has agreed to give them self rule? As usual Gayan is lying nd trying to fool the public

  6. Dear Gayantha Karunathilake, pls recall history and if you do not know, pls try to learn that who burn the country by racial hatred by organizing 83 Black July.

    Beside, UNP has conveniently forgotten who has burnt Jaffna Library.

    Similarly, because of UNP GOVERNMENTS INDECISIVENESS HAS PROLONGED THE LTTE terrorism FOR 30 LONG YEARS and because of Genuine Leadedship provided by Mahind Rajapakse, Sri LANKA was able to defeat or annihilate LTTE and finished off the terrorism in 2009 within 04 years in the power.

    Sri Lankan masses, pls understand United Lanka means merging North and East, accepting those two provinces as traditional Tamil homeland and giving Police and Land powers to North and East thus giving the elam on platter where Prabhakaran failed by terrorist war.

    This is the plan of Ranil and his gang and the UNP as a whole.

    We as Sri Lankans has a decision on the 17th August 2015 that we vote to divide the country or maintained the hard earned freedom form terrorism and the Unitary nature of Sri Lanka.

    Pls. think about it before deciding on whom to vote.

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