TNA says US, India must play stronger role

SureshThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says the United States and India must play a more clear and stronger role to ensure the Tamils are given a political solution to their concerns.

TNA spokesperson and former Parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran said that the US seems to have got involved with Sri Lanka ahead of the January 8 Presidential election to reduce the role China had in Sri Lanka.

“They may now prefer the current Government to remain in power,” Premachandran said at a press conference in Jaffna today.

Premachandran said that while some countries have other interests in Sri Lanka, the sole focus of the TNA is to ensure the Tamils are given the political solution they need and not one which satisfies others.

He said that Sri Lanka’s closest neighbor India has a responsibility to ensure the Tamils get an acceptable political solution.

The TNA, in its election manifesto, had noted that the 13th Amendment to the constitution, which was part of a deal signed between India and Sri Lanka in 1987, was flawed.

Premachandran said that India was informed by the TNA over and over again that the 13th Amendment to the constitution was not fully acceptable by the Tamils.

He said that a permanent political solution for the Tamils will be good for India’s security and also for some other countries.

The former TNA Parliamentarian who is contesting the August 17 Parliament election, said that the TNA is keen on a political solution for the Tamils within a united and undivided Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Most of the foolish Tamil leaders will remain as fools and die as fools. Still, fools can’t understand why India gave arms to Tamil youths, and encouraged them to become terrorists. The fools also can’t comprehend who supported the LTTE financially through diaspora, and encouraged the LTTE to fight against the IPKF. Tamil fools believe in India, but the same time they don’t believe in India. Should I call them as bunch of sickos, instead of calling them fools? No wonder why Tamils have nothing after thirty years of brutal war, even though Tamils are five times in population in the world than Sinhalese. The sad news is, smart Tamils can’t do anything good for Tamils; because foolish Tamil leaders are under the firm grip of India and the West. How can few of us fight against India and the West?

  2. The Sri Lanka democracy and sovereignty relies on fundamentally on the elected by Parliament.

    Cornerstone of political democracy is unitary state that rises above and overarches society and the multitude.
    Nation sovereignty cannot over rule by Indian -RAW intervention on Tamil ethnic an issues. and which that separatism forcefully demand by gun point of TNA, that anti-establishment & anti- National policies and politics.
    In the crisis of modernity ethic issues and their national problems of that sovereignty to serves to resolve by uniting by their own elected majority represtantative, not that by Indian big power stick.

    We an opposed Indian creation and manipulated fixed boundaries among the inside territories, population social functions and so forth.

    The passage between forms of sovereignty coincides
    importantly with the early economic development of Sri Lanka and expansion of capital has been an opposed by Indian big bourgeoisie and RAW since 2015 January under leadership of MS, UNP-Ranil & CBK junta regime.

    What is that TNA request which Indian commitment each of the modern paradigms of our nation & sovereignty, indeed supports capital’s operation for democracy has been undermined by Indian -RAW.

    Eventually Indian that cum TNA same time pose obstacle nation, economic ,political and social development that we have to overcome by will of majority people of Sri lanka.

  3. Here we go again.It is high time this peticular politician and TNA is defeated in the next election.They do not want a united Sri Lanka always complaining about unfair treatment to Tamils.please don’t poison young minds.Let the younger generation take over and work towards unity of this great land and be a Sri Lankan first not a Sinhalese,Tamil,Muslim,Sindi,Burger,Bora,parcy ,Malay,bedchamber etc.We are one Sri Lanka and should fight for the wellbeing of all people

  4. Whatever the solutions TNA hatches up to solve the perceived Tamil problems, they should be implemented in Sri Lanka.
    Why do you think the Sri Lankans who resisted terrorism when almost all the world is supportive of LTTE, and wiped it out with a lot of sacrifices will allow you to get it imposed upon them now.
    US and India knows this, that’s why every time you run to them playing the victim, you are asked to work with Sri Lankan government.
    You may be an extremist, but I don’t think you are such an idiot to think an artificial solutions imposed upon Sri Lankans will have any chance of success. Only that it will lead to more bloodshed and economic stagnation.

    Please don’t lead innocent Sri Lankans to another blood bath.

  5. There he goes again putting the responsibility on India and UnitedStates. The TNA cannot do anything to the Tamil people. Why does he want to represent them in parliament. Mavai senathirajah too said the same thing, putting the responsibility on India and the States. The people know the International community would not do anything. So what is the plight of the Tamils. The TNA should be thrown out by the Tamil people in this elections.

  6. Is it not time to settle all problems between it citizens – the
    S & T, once and for all under “Good Governance” ably
    supported by India & USA, for the betterment of Sri
    Lanka and the world? Are we not in the 21st century. Who benefits for carrying on as now, with a bad history of unwanted political gains of a personal nature?

  7. What a load of bullshit these TNA people cannot handle local issues want the whole world to support their terrorist cause of ltte. Don’t know how to assimilate, or live in peace and harmony but know only separative ideology and division. Open mouth to separate country. Tamil Nadu is Eelam you cannot change that and Tamil Nation. Sri Lanka is Sinhalese country, Singapore is Chinese, Malaysia for Malays, India for Tamils. Others willing to assimilate welcome all races.

    • The day India takes back ALL the byproducts of Vijeya the pervert and the lioness, the Tamils will decide where they should go or stay in the ever sinking island.

  8. always rely on outside help. we have to use our own idea to live together with dignity. if you have any probs in your own family what we do ? think about

    • SL Tamil – I totally agree with you . TNA should learn to settle problems within the country with the power but they always run for outside help. For the last six months we had good governance and TNA got nothing done. Ranil, Chandrika,Managala and the President were all out to settle the problems but TNA slept on it expecting the Govt.. to offer them the
      solutions on a platter . Can India & USA force down any solution to the SL Govt. and dragging other countries to sort out Tamil problems will annoy the majority and the govt. in power, while we have legal brains in TNA who are capable to conduct fruitful discussions. and solve the existing problems. In my opinion, the next set of parliamentarians (2020) will
      be different from sleepy TNA.

      • The Tamil issue had been festering the Island since 1948 when upcountry Tamils ,after toiling in the estates for over 100 years were disenfranchised by stroke of pen by DS Senanayake.
        The rest of what happened is well documented in the recent resolution on GENOCDE passed by NPC.
        What the present leadership wants to do to set the wrongs will be closely watched by ALL Tamils.
        Remember it took only the stroke of pen and good will of Americans to bring down the offensive flag and bring about racial harmony inSouth Carolina, USA

  9. Suresh Premachandran What is your intention, which kind of solution you need, your all politician need to get good life by putting innocent civilian endanger. If not such a condition your crew will be out. Better to go US or India and settle their with our all Tamils. That is only solution.

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