Mojumdar Bappa hails Sri Lankan music

383054_10150482732178830_1164684100_nBy Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Singer, and composer Shubhashish Mojumdar Bappa was born to famous musicians Barin Mojumdar and Ila Mojumdar on February 5, 1972. Young music fans called him Mazumder or ‘Bappa da’ for his contemporary songs and his unique life style. He is mainly popular for his romantic songs. While leading a band called ‘Dalchut’, Bappa da is also composing songs. He did not require an outside music tutor to learn primary music as his parents were classical musicians. Later he followed a five-year classical music course from the ‘Monihar Shongit Academy’ which belongs to his father. “I am a person of music. I cannot think of anything but music. It’s in my blood,” Bappa Da says.
Q: When was your first performance and how was your feeling before and after?

A: I was one of the founder members of a cultural organization ‘Arani Shilpi Goshthhi’. My first performance was held on February 4, 1988 at the Shaheed Minar monument built in honour of the Martyrs of the Language Movement. It was quite scary as I had to perform before an audience of over four thousand. I came up as a singer in 1996 with my debut album “Tokhon Bhor Bela”. –

Q: What are your views on the music industry of Bangladesh in particular?

A: I am quite happy with the quality of Bangladeshi music. But we still battle against the high quantity of illegal downloads and pirated CDs and singles. I wish for a day when people genuinely value our music and our efforts behind it and help us to win the battles against all copycat music products.

Q: What are your most preferable singing styles and genres?

A: I am quite comfortable with anything melodious. Proper and good lyrics are a must and I will not compromise with anything less.

Q: How did you develop your singing career?

A: Lots of practice and devotion. It brought me this far and will help me further.

1913880_174227498829_2782806_nQ: Are there any special measures you take to keep up your enchanting voice?

A: Nothing, absolutely nothing. I just do not put too much stress on my vocal cords.

Q: What is your view on Sri Lankan music and musicians ?

A: I have met with some Sri Lankan musicians during a visit to the Island. I had some awesome experiences and most importantly I must say that there are some big similarities between Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan melodies.

Q: What are the differences?

A: Apart from language, I honestly didn’t find any major differences. Sri Lanka made me feel like home.

Q: If you were invited to a concert in Sri Lanka, what would be your reaction?

A: I would be honoured. We have had Sri Lankan musicians performing in Bangladesh and it would be great if more and more Bangladeshi musicians are invited to Sri Lanka. We have performed in Australia, Canada, USA, France, Qatar, UK, India and of course in Sri Lanka.

Q: What are your new projects?

A: I am working on a traditional folk song album with my new lineup Bappa Mazumder and friends.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: To do more good songs, to entertain more audiences and to improve myself more and more, so that I will be able to contribute to the industry more than I do now.