Janaka Bandara resigns from his Ministerial post

janaka-bandara-tennakoonMinister of Provincial Councils and Regional Devolopment, Janaka Bandara Tennakoon has resigned from his Ministerial post.


  1. Banadara, Do you want change Party line of UNP+SLFP now?

    Are you really belongs to SLFP or UNP politics originated by Mathripala Sirisena.

    Village headman turn MS has created new political culture base of Polonnaruwa democratic politics ,while you were in UNP that you can be Chairman SLFP.

    Is that Banadara want to follow similar policy of democratic style ?
    And MS has new type of democracy? be Junta politics of regime manipulated by foreign powers of US & Indian.

    Of cause ,this new cohabitation between UNP and SLFP policy of surrender national sovereignty and Integrity of Sri lanka, back by Indian-RAW and US-pivot Asian policy of big power hegemony.

    Is quite impossible that UNP and SLFP are dramatically opposites policies the very inception, cannot work together common platform.

    Ranil.W..of UNP and CBK can work together ,but not that two parties cannot join hand at any cost.

    Party base, principles, policies, roots of classes is totally different between UNP and SLFP.

    Banadara has to learn simple politics of SLFP!

  2. Sirisena has to be behind all these resignations. Sirisena is playing a very dangerous game, he is pretending that he is with UFPA. Actually Sirisena is with UNP; organising campaigns against his own SLFP/UFPA party. Ideally Sirisena should be advising and stopping these resignations rather than accepting to show he is neutral. Handing over the leadership is the way to go for Sirisena.

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