Chinese company denies funding Lankan politicians

about_wideThe China Harbour Engineering Co Ltd (CHEC) today rejected reports that it had offered financial assistance to any politician during Sri Lanka’s January presidential elections, the Xinhua news agency reported.

In a statement, the CHEC said the allegation made by local media was misleading and has bought disrepute to an international level company.

“The CHEC calls on all the relevant Sri Lankan officials and parties not to misunderstand their responsible and cooperative partner, and not to send a wrong signal to the investors from China and all other countries,” the CHEC said.

“We also urge them not to hurt the hearts of a company which has worked so hard for Sri Lanka’s development and prosperity for the past 17 years,” it said.

The company said as a large international infrastructure company which operates in more than 80 countries, the CHEC went in accordance with the laws and regulations of these countries and it is CHEC’s firm policy not to get involved in politics and the elections of any country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What Sri Lankans can expect if Chinese money wins the Sri Lanka election:

    Chinese Authorities Detain and Denounce Rights Lawyers

    HONG KONG — At least five Chinese lawyers from a firm that specialized in rights cases have been detained by the police in Beijing. The accusations bear the hallmarks of a concerted operation, and signaled one of the most high-profile efforts by the party under President Xi Jinping to discredit the “rights defense movement,” which has tried to challenge state power through litigation and publicity, said experts and rights advocates.The reports came after many of the suspects had disappeared into police custody on Thursday and Friday. Over the same time, nearly 60 other lawyers and activists had also been detained or went out of contact, a sign that they may have been detained, said the Chinese Human Rights Defenders, a group in close contact with many activists. Some of the detainees were released after questioning by the police.

  2. What Chinese company using corrupt practices this is so fanciful as calling Rajapaksa clan stole money, Arjuna Mahendrand and Cabrall are dishonest Kudu Duminda is able bodied man. Doc Mervyn is not a real doctor or Ranil W hardly met Arajuna Mahendran.

  3. Tamil Diaspora, UK and US governments provided assistance to Yahaplanana campaign in January 2015, but no one complained as “wrong doing”. Why a company from China cannot support any campaign?

  4. In spite of what CHEC may say as one who has been tracking the movements of this company as well as its parent company CCCC, I can say that thew World Bank doesn’t go around banning companies from holding contracts based on nothing. One of the glaring issues I have seen with CHEC in developing countries is what they like to call “community service”. This is where they give money towards a project, it could be anything from a football field to toilets. What is key to understand is where these are being place, and in which government area. Chances are you will find extra cash paid to any official as a “bonus” for signing the contract deal, which means they get a portion of the money granted towards the project. It all seem very legal, the question is, is it? Is this manipulation of the government by doing favors for them to help influence politics or the political outcome? There is no doubt that CHEC will continue to be awarded larger contracts over native companies. There is also no doubt that CHEC/China will get what they want if they open their wallet up. There are many issues that developing countries have. Companies like CHEC that have the financial backing of China can by investment, over shadow the economy of any developing country thus controlling the country and it’s political structure.

    • There is no question that the said company has come to do business and make money and not to do social work for the benefit of Sri Lankans. This is the characteristic of all business organisations whether local or foreign. It is well known that Sirasa group carried a campaign calling peace march which started in Talaimannar for the advancement of the Port City which give justifiable reasons to suspect that it was funded by some chinese companies.

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