Six Chinese beggars arrested in Colombo

police-lights-handcuffsSix Chinese beggars were arrested in Colombo after it was revealed that they were residing in the country on tourist visas, the police said.

An official from the police media unit said that the beggars were arrested near the Fort Railway Station and produced before a Magistrate’s court.

According to investigations, the six Chinese individuals had been residing in a rented house in Colombo and had entered the country on tourist visas.

The beggars were fined Rs.100 each by the Magistrate’s Court. Investigations are ongoing.


  1. What ???????
    Is this story being reported correctly ? Beggars sitting by the roadside, dressed in rags, generally unkempt and holding out their palm ?? Or something else and a lazy reporter just uses the word “beggar” because they cannot be bothered to write a full story ?

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