Probe sought over reports on Lankan ISIS militant

ISIS demoThe Muslim Council of Sri Lanka, on behalf of the Muslim Community has expresses its deep dismay at media reports of the first Sri Lankan killed in battle in Syria with the Islamic State (IS) militants.

In a letter to President Maithripala Sirisena, the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka said that the group of extremists who call themselves the caliphate or Islamic State (Formerly known as ISIS) is a threat to Islam and the group violates both Sharia law and humanitarian law.

“Islam is a religion of mercy and tolerance that totally prohibits the taking of innocent lives. There is no theological basis for any crimes to be committed through terrorism or violence. The Muslims of Sri Lanka join Islamic scholars and Muslim leaders around the world to condemn without any reservation the ISIS and its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi for failing to respect key tenants of Islam. Their actions are un-Islamic and inhumane,”  the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka said.

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka call on the President and the Government of Sri Lanka to conduct a thorough investigation, punish all who may have violated the laws of the land, and ensure that no more Sri Lankans are misled in to joining any terrorist movement.

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka also said that as civil society representatives of Muslims, they are committed to help in any investigation and action that would be initiated by the Government. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. MR is nothing but thief and a scum bag. No one except those born to a prostitute wants him back. Because they don’t mind their arse being violated more than once. MR is pulling this off accusing an innocent guy to make a political comeback. This will never happen. Piss off MR we don’t want to you

  2. As far as i am concerned most of the muslims are fanatic and they don’t want other communities to exit in peace.Recently in the east extremist politician Hisbulla with the assistance of Saudi men,converted eight families. This is also another kind of extremism.Why BBS,is fighting against the extremist is now understood.Sinhalese as well as tamils should join hand in hand to wipeout these types of extremists from the face of the earth.

    • Wipe out, you can wipe out my arse. You fool no one forced them to convert to Islam. There is a reason why they are converting and why so many people are converting to Islam. BBS is nothing but a terrorist organisation funded by MR to perceive his racist political agenda. Since MR lost miserably this is his comeback pitch. Fools may fall for this unfortunately we are not fools. By the way why doesn’t those who shoot their mouth come up with the proof that this guy was fighting with the ISIS and not just a relief worker

  3. Someone should tell them that they are not an advisory body. If the government sees it fit to conduct an investigation, it will do so. Yes, they will cooperate with any investigation when called upon by the authorities. That is a given. But it is not their place to advise the government.

  4. The Tamil ltte ravaged and destroyed the country and killed thousands of innocent people now fighting for a separate state. Now the Islamic Jihadist will soon create problems like the Tamil ltte. The new regime will propose devolution and divide the country. The law should only allow equal rights and opportunities for all, no separation or separative ideology, national interest and country interest supercedes and is more important. Only MR and his group can handle the country better than the rest.

    • your comment is 100% true, just after a brutal war another extreme group acting to be good Muslims tryn to make another war here.
      there is a close friendship and unity between Muslims and Sinhalese in sri lanka, every single Sinhalese have good friends who are Muslims who are close to them like family. these extream ppl tryn to make a mess of this country.. Mahinda rajapaksa knew how to separate extreme and normal and avoid another war.. whats happening now is a big-mess

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