Military police begin probe on three soldiers

The_Sri_Lanka_Army_Flag_And_CrestThe military police has begun an investigation into three soldiers arrested by the police yesterday dressed in civvies and with weapons in their possession.

A statement by the Ministry of Defence said that the military police had launched the investigation as soon as the army headquarters was informed of the arrest.

The three soldiers had been arrested while travelling in a van in Mirihana. The Ministry of Defence said that if found guilty, action will be taken against the three soldiers in accordance with army regulations. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. MS is in charge of defense ministry ,must an inversgation of foul activities Army men ,who are backing of Ex-Army leaders.
    We Sri lanakn did not support army turn politicians who want undermine valued democracy in Sri lanka.

    And Gun rule politics has been regain by so-called ‘good governance’ under the leadership of MS junta regime that assist by UNP-Ranil and CBK.

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