Mahinda Rajapaksa reminds UNP of a cunning fox

MahindaThe United National Party (UNP) says former President Mahinda Rajapaksa reminds them of the story of the fox who cunningly flattered the crow to grab the piece of cheese.

Dilip Wedaarachchi, the Minister of State for Fisheries and UNP member, said that Rajapaksa decided to flee from Hambantota to the Wayamba to contest the Parliamentary election next month because he failed to provide to the people of Hambantota the much needed water supply scheme, a programme to develop agriculture and improve the livestock industry.

Rajapaksa had reportedly stated at a meeting held in Mawathagama recently that he decided to contest the Parliamentary elections from Kurunegala District because the most number of his trusted temples, loyal soldiers and affectionate Members of Parliament are in the Kurunegala District.

“This is a grave insult on the people of Giruwapaththuwa who ushered in the Rajapaksa generation and Mr. MahindaRajapaksa to politics. Furthermore, it is a slur on the sacred temples and much respected Venerable Maha Sangha of the South who showered their blessings on Mahinda Rajapaksa.  It had been reported that for several months religious ceremonies were held at certain temples in the South to bestow blessings on Mahinda Rajapaksa in order to fulfill his political ambitions.  His statement has made it clear that Mahinda Rajapaksa considers this great commitment by Venerable Maha Sangha as a worthless exercise,” Wedaarachchi said.

Wedaarachchi  says Rajapaksa, who masqueraded as king Dutugemunu, and boasted with pride of the achievements of the heroic soldiers of the South, now states that he doesn’t have soldiers in the South loyal to him.

The UNP member accused Rajapaksa of trying to hoodwink the people of Wayamba in the same manner as he deceived the people of Giruwapathtuwa. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Once a paraya always a paraya,Mahendra Rajapakse
    destroyed our international image for his dirty selfish murderous purposes,justice will finally prevail he and his caddish godaya Jadawansa and sithalaya will be brought to justice and keep them in prison for a long time dirty bastards

    • The major problem Rajapaksa caused is defeating LTTE Terrorists. The West and weapon manufacturers lost their patience and joined together to defeat Rajapaksa. All Tamil people think like you but, no chance for terrorism in Sri Lanka any more. Rajapaksa is still active.

  2. Ranil is the cunning fox. He never had a winning chance. He got the “Betrayer” Sirisena’s help as Sira was also from SLFP to defeat Rajapaksa. In no time Sirisena-Ranil names will go to history for the enormous damage they did for Sri Lanka by joining west.

    • @ tharanga People like you will betray our country like mahinda rajapaksha… who destroyed and sold our country to china and india… mahinda is a cunning snake….

  3. UNP can try to spin MR running from Kurunegala but the simple truth it is pure math. Kurunegala is the third largest district with 1.3 million voters after Colombo 1.6 million and Gampaha 1.6 million voters. Choise of Kurunegala is based on his aspiration to become PM and is a safe bet. MR can easily get 560K votes. Hambantota total voter base is only 388K

    • Who is this dilip. May be only few known in the country. MR is world famous. What a base less article when you look at the Mass crowds gathered at the series of BRING BACK Mahinda rallies starting from Nugegoda. Colombo Gazatte should think wisely before publishing such garbage.

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