UNP accuses former Chief Justice of duplicity

Sarath SilvaThe United National Party (UNP) today accused former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva of duplicity after he extended support to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, just months after he had campaigned for his defeat.

Justice Minister and former UNP Parliamentarian Wijedasa Rajapaksa said that people like Sarath N. Silva are a disgrace to the judiciary.

He recalled that Sarath N. Silva had earlier backed President Maithripala Sirisena at the January 8 Presidential election and called for the defeat of Rajapaksa at the polls.

Sarath N. Silva had also publicly apologised for a ruling he had given when he was the Chief Justice in support of Rajapaksa in the ‘Helping Hambantota’ case.

Wijedasa Rajapaksa said that by backing Mahinda Rajapaksa at the August 17 Parliament election, Silva had placed doubts in the minds of the public over the judiciary.

The Minister also noted that the statement made by Sarath N Silva and some others in the Mahinda Rajapaksa camp, that President Maithripala Sirisena cannot appoint the next Prime Minister, is not accurate.

Wijedasa Rajapaksa said that under the constitution the President has the authority to appoint someone as Prime Minister who he feels has the majority support of Parliament. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Another shameless JOKER! This guy should be in Jail for creating impunity to rapavassa when he stole the tsunami money. HORA BALLA!

  2. Mahinda is a man with charisma, a man who commands respect, all these accusations of corruption by the present govt. will not make Mahinda less popular. None of the accusations of taking enormous amounts of money has been proven. What has the present govt. done, NOTHING but empty talk, people are worse off, country is going to pot. My3 has no right to choose the PM, it is the peoples choice. The common people did not elect Ranil, who lost 29 times and now he is behaving like an emperor. MY3 is spineless. I hope MR comes back into power. He has learnt his lesson. Hope he will get rid of his cronies.

  3. It is true that no body accepts what Sarath N Silva says because he has not been consistent in his views especially being a former Chief Justice. But what I cannot understand is the stand taken by Wijedasa Rajapaksa because Wijedasa himself was a one time SLFP/UPFA supporter though he did not accept ministerial portfolios. So we simply cannot accept what Wijedasa says as well.

  4. The two guys and what they are saying is a complete joke. They are challenging the integrity of Sri Lankans. Please aviod saying empty statements only for the sake os saying. The press should keep these jokers out of public.

  5. “Birds of a feather flock to gather” Two shameless JOKERS !!!! Any one believe or care to listen them? All the citizens are not uneducated buffaloes.

  6. Former CJ Sarath N. Silva is mainly responsible for politicizing the Judiciary in Sri Lanka. Instead being neutral in keeping with his status, he has opted to change sides so many times. Sri Lankans therefore are not sure if he is sane enough to be believed at this stage! In fact he has now become a joke!

  7. I have heard of a nice Sinhalese saying “Vaasipaththata Hoiya” and Sarath N. Silva fits it to a tee. This sudden support for Mahinda Rajapakse might have something to do with the “files” that MR claimed he had on his contemporaries. Believe me, Sarath N. Silva with his numerous questionable decisions as Chief Justice must be having volumes of criminalities to hide in those files.

  8. I live overseas and follow the unfolding events in my motherland with anxiety out of concern and love for ones motherland and her peoples.We have got accustomed to standards of decency in our adopted motherland that permits us to make a comparative assessment of the behaviour of politicians and voters.Based on the behaviour of Mahinda Rajapakse leave alone entering parliament he would not be deemed fit to wash the toilets in the parliament here.Mr Maithripala Sirisena at enormous risk has created an opportunity for the people to be rid of this man but the so called people’s representatives of the SLFP are now trying to reinstall this man in power.Silva is supporting him and people still consider he is worthy of expressing an opinion.One wonders whether the people of Sri Lanka deserve any better if they continue to vote for MR and his supporters.If their standards are so low can even 100 Maithripala Sirisena’s save them?When will Sri Lankans vote for decency and honesty?

    • MR is a master crook and plans the strategy with a long term range in mind. (1) First eliminate the prime minister. ( 2) Occupy PM’s shoes by hook or by crook. (3) Eliminate by hook or by crook the President. (3) By virtue of his being the prime minister; walk into the shoes of the president. Legal eagles will justify it giving and patronize it. Any opposition will be wiped out and the murderous white vans will come into operation once again. The local ‘Family” with experience will be operative. If that is not sufficient; there is MR’s family member who is an illegal arms dealer with diplomatic status living beyond reach of the law. A container with arms is ‘stand by’ in SL.
      He has amassed wealth in US $ and middle East in billions to buy another bunch of crooks who will back him and support him. The drug dealers, murderers, rapist’s will have the protection under the umbrella of MR.
      The MO is ‘you scratch my back and I will do yours’, what does it matter as long you make a mighty $$$ and hold power? MR will not look into their past history and nobody will be allowed to look into the past deeds of MR.
      MR had a chartered channel to run his crooked ship for another 5 years or more; but he never expected a collegue took the gamble to call for early elections
      Even now the drug base is spreading to our school children starting from kindergarten, the wider the base the larger the profit, who cares as long as ill gotten wealth is stock pied and hidden outside SL and a dictator is running SL.

  9. It is really not a sad story –maybe people do not wish to EVEN comment on the vacillations of an individual , who has persistently brought nothing but disgrace to a time honoured Judiciary . His omissions and commissions are
    legion eg Permitting the Cross-over circus of MPs which has brought in its wake , a multitude of anomalous and unsavoury situations .

  10. We all knew that he is a disgrace to his profession. Birds of the feather flock together. I doubt very much that he will add any points to the ex-president’s election campaign.

  11. Dear Mr. Rajapakse,
    Is it possible to take this disgraceful man to courts for contempt of court? Saying that he sent the former strong man off the gallows should be a good reason for that.

  12. Its ridiculous that an ex-CJ changes his thoughts. Is this how he performed justice when in office.

  13. CJ supported MS hoping he could get an important position. Unfortunately nothing was offered to this croocked CJ. So he backed bankrupt MR , and obviously MR is so desperate he would take anyone on board, even Prabakaran would have been accepted.
    Such politicians n CJ’s should be flushed down..
    SL please choose educated people to serve the country.

  14. Real disgrace to judiciary is Judge de Abrew who has raped so many young women in his employment including a young ferale relative, 15 years old. What is Wijedasa Rajapksa doing to bring this evil man to justice. Even the police are afraid to arrest him, though a magistrate has issued an arrest warrant. Even though he may ultimately be arrested and statement taken he will get away scott free as the police will ‘lose’ his file as they did with ‘wele sudha’ who is now free of charges. This is the state of justice today. It is utterly corrupt. Is Wijedasa Rajapaksa sleeping or been bribed?

  15. this man is criminal. he had used his capacity in the supreme court to release criminal due to his friendship and he had violate human dignity and real mentally sick man .it make serious liability to entire civilized world not only this poor nation. must arrest and send him jail he is only bellowed to that place.

  16. No doubt MR has made promises to Sarath Silva which
    the later could not turn down, being his last chance. Let
    the gamble go on – S.L have prayed and the blessings
    will reach them as it should – God is with us.

    • Isn’t it sad punchnilame after all so much was promised by some intellectuals to take Rajapaksa to justice all have come to nothing. man him self still living lap of luxury and even re-entered politics no less than eying the PM JOB. Question is what happen to specialy the ex-pat those intellectuals who promised so much

  17. Actually Sarath N Silva by being Sarath N Silva has raised doubts in the minds of people about the Judiciary.

    He gave and admitted to giving ruling based on what he felt was the right, not based on the law. So his continuous insistence on giving us his opinion on the “law” is a pain.

    And i here he parks his car in odd places.

  18. I do agree that some of the Judges are real disgrace.
    Sarath N Silva had acquitted MR over the Embezzlement of Tsunami Funds.

  19. If the President has the right to nominate the Prime Minister than what is the point of having a Election. As for CJ he can support anyone he so wish. But the President my3 is hell bent in not supporting MR his ex Boss and ex President is shocking. Fault finding, innuendoes, insunations during the elections is unbecoming and a disgrace. MR is even more popular now than ever before because he is Calm, Credible and Trustworthy of the people.

  20. this former CHEAP justice has brain cancer .no one care what he’s telling when he’s getting some peaks from thugs .

  21. Former CJ feels he can mislead the voter. He is a licences liar. Everyone knows about this lizard.

  22. Sarath Silva has got himself known to millions by talking on T.V. about Buddhism, but people know what sort of life he has led. Apart from this that statement of his about Tsunami Funds received wide publicity.

    His now appearing on MaRa’s platform is one of the greatest gifts that the My3 camp could possibly have received.

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