TNA to push for permanent political solution

suresh-premachandranThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says it will continue to push for a permanent political solution for the Tamils.

TNA member Suresh Premachandran said that the TNA will be seeking support for two main issues during its election campaign.

He said that a resolution for the Tamil issue is what the Tamils have been calling for, over a long period of time and that will be one of the key issues raised at the polls campaign.

Resettling the war displaced, releasing Tamil political prisoners and providing answers over the hundreds missing during the war will also be focused on during the election campaign of the TNA.

Asked if the TNA will work with other political parties and independent groups ahead of the polls, Premachandran said that, since the TNA will be contesting alone it will not get on stage with any other political party.

“However, after the election, if any Tamil political party or group wants to work with us and accept our policies, they will be more than welcome,” he said.

The TNA has often claimed to be the sole representatives of the Tamils but the right to make that claim has been challenged in the past. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Permanent solution the TNA seeks is autonomy for Thamils in the Northeast with in a united Ceylon. This is a fair demand in a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-cultural country. Sinhalese commentators are exaggeration the actual number of Thamils living outside North and East. Thamil population in the North-987,892; East 609,584 total 1,597,276. Thamils living in rest of the provinces =673,648. Grand total is 2,270,924. Therefore, the majority of Thamils who live in the North and East excluding Thamils of Indian origin constitute 70.33% and those in the remaining 7 provinces is 29.66%. So Sinhalese bigots should spreading the canard that more Tamils live in the Sinhala areas than in the North and East. If you include the Hill country Thamils then there are 3,113247 in Ceylon. The percentage who live in North and East is 50.30% to 48.69% respectively,

  2. Only now you are going to push for a Political solution. which you did not do for the past 6 or 7 years. You were depending on India and the international community to do it. Do not cheat the Tamil people any more Premachandran.

  3. Power Hungry racist TNA will never bring solution what you are seeking.Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka. You are bringing misery to Innocent Tamils Just like foolish Prabakaran. Be realisic. Forget about your hidden eelam dream.

  4. looking political solution to Tamil ,over million of Tamil are living up country, Colombo and other part of the country more than in the north province ,so are you looking political solution for the as well? they are with main cause of action at all time,work together with other communities and lives together ,so are looking another criminal act like former terrorist leader of north? TNA just talk and get elected to parliament and go around the world but no solution. what is important here to have all the issues related to north and east innocent people who suffered over 30 years due to act of brutality by terrorist and failed political leadership from your people as well as main leaders even after many years had gone after ending of such unfortunate situation.leave all other Tamil and look the mates related north and east directly with new government demand and find solution now not tomorrow. it is your responsibility not to wait for what you so call political solution like last 50 years.first people need to have their basic needs.

  5. So what is the permanent political solution you are asking for? It better not be Elam or any other that could even lean slightly towards Ealam! That is definitely out of question! You could instead join in the nation building and show that you are part of Sri Lanka and not having one foot in India!

  6. Remember that most Sri Lankan Tamils now live in the Sinhalese areas (this is excluding the near one million of tea estate Tamils who have always lived peacefully in the Sinhalese areas since the British brought them over from India to run tea estates in the 1850’s.)

    Sri Lankan Tamils demands are excessive must take in to account current other peoples views as well.
    Best thing is to accept Tamil as the second language and equalise the country, encourage Tamils and Sinhalese to intermarry, as they have done during Vijaya’s time)

  7. The time(years) have long past for this “pushing” for the Rights of Eelam Tamils.
    Now it should be demands with time line!!!

  8. What have you been doing for the last six years? Why do you talk with double tongue. You know you are not going to solve any of the Tamil problems. Do you know the army is occupying private lands in Vali North and refusing to hand over the lands to its owners. What did you do about it all these years. You and other people from the TNA want to enter parliament and live a cushy life at the expense of the people.

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