Muslims can celebrate without fear says Ranil

Ranil-Wickramasinghe1Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, in his message to mark the Eid-ul-Fitr Ramadan Festival, said that this year the Muslim Community has got a golden opportunity to Celebrate the Ramadan Festival without any suspicion or fear while breathing the fresh air of freedom.

The Prime Minister said that the festival is a very sacred event in the Muslim Calendar which is being celebrated by the Sri Lankan Muslim Community with great devotion and also a very important religious event in the lives of Muslims.

“During the month of Ramadan festival Muslims adhere to brotherhood, equality and coexistence for one whole month observing the strict rituals. It is not only controlling the desire for food and hunger fangs, the mental and physical discipline development during Ramadan period contribute to create a better Society. This is a period the Muslim Community helps each other generously, especially concentrating to the needs of their less privileged brethren,” he said.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister wished all Muslims in Sri Lanka and all over the world a happy, prosperous and peaceful Ramadan. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I hate reading these cock and bull stories of Ranil bringing peace to the Muslims. I have seen more mosques in sri lanka than Buddhist temples, it was MR who brought peace to sri lanka. where was Ranil when the Muslims were attacked by the LTTE, I suppose he was in Norway plotting and planning to divide his country to get the noble prize. I wish the sri lankans will open their eyes, lets see how the UNP will do if they win…there will be gas chambers with the FCID running them.

  2. As a muslim you could truly feel the peace in this ramadan after two years of BBS and bullshit. Alhamdu lillah

      • BBS was a set up by the enemies of Sri Lanka to drive a wedge between the Muslims and Sinhalese. Tell us why this unknown bunch of BBS monks suddenly appeared after visiting USA and Norway and then came out attacking the Muslims?
        Under Ranil Muslims Hindus and Christians may not fear to celebrate, but it is the Buddhist who fear under him. This was why the original JHU was formed, but unfortunately the pioneers of JHU have resigned and a few opportunists have dragged the party under Ranil, the very man the original party had to fight against.

        • Patriot aka Antany can you ever write any thing not including conspiracy by the west for a guy lives in Wellington New Zealand (western country) you got some nerve or shall I nervous brake down. Sooner you accept the reality Valu’s dream went in a puff cloud on the May 18, 2009 period.

      • Sikuru,
        You have a short memory. Remember the ethnic cleansing of Muslims (and Sinhalese) from Jaffna by the LTTE Tamils in 1990 and all the massacres by the LTTE of Muslims praying at the their mosques in Kathankudi.

        Bombings of prophets birthday celebrations near Matara.

        And also don’t forget Muslims killing Muslims in Beruwala in June 2009 and Kaththankudi Muslims themselves intimidating and chasing away the Sufi Muslims in Kathankudi.

        Credit DOES go to MR for bringing peace to the country, though sadly he didn’t run the country well afterwards, though he did upgrade lot of the infrastructure in the North.

      • Premadasa gave weapons to LTTE and Ranil gave the locations of CID officers to LTTE to kill all of them; so who else won the war?

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