Woman on viral video arrested and remanded

womanA woman who was seen arguing with the police in Malabe, on a video which went viral today has been arrested and remanded.

Police media spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that the woman was arrested for having a child on her lap while driver a car.

The woman was seen having a heated argument with traffic police after she was stopped over the offence and her driving licence was taken.

She demanded her driving licence back and kept verbally abusing the policemen and everything was recorded on a mobile phone by a bystander.

Gunasekera said that the husband of the woman had told the police that she was mentally unstable and that would have led to her outburst at the traffic police.

However the police spokesman said that the husband of the woman was also arrested for giving his car to the woman if she was mentally unstable as she claims.

The police spokesman said that it is an offence to allow someone who is not mentally stable to drive a vehicle on a public road. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What a sad situation for Law and order in our country. I friend of mine told me that this women and the police officers are innocent victims of the inability of our system.Itis essential to re look and revise all the traffic laws and pocerdures without delay. The lady hasno clue about the law and she is doing whatshe should do at the courts in a street. Police officers are helpless and the lack of proper training, knowledge and the equipment may create unnecessary trouble for everyone. Give police cars with traffic emergency lights and enforce must stop rule when lights flashing and if not ceased the privilege to drive.ban the license. We need to modernise whole system with new regulations. RW is capable of doing these reforms.

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