UNP hails stand taken by President on polls

John AmaratungaThe United National Party (UNP) today said that it welcomed the stand taken by President Maithripala Sirisena to remain neutral and not openly support any political party contesting the August 17 parliamentary elections.

UNP Senior member John Amaratunga said that his party also welcomed the statement made by Sirisena against former President Mahinda Rajapakse stating that he would be defeated at the elections.

“We appreciate that the President will take a neutral stand at the elections and we also welcome the advice he has given his people over the elections and the nomination of Mahinda Rajapakse,” Amaratunga said.

Sirisena, in a special statement to the media yesterday, had asserted that he was against Rajapakse being given nominations from his party to contest the August 17 elections.

Breaking his silence over the issue after he drew criticism from his own party members, Sirisena said that he never agreed to give nominations to Rajapakse and feels he will lose the elections.

“I totally disagree with the party’s decision to grant nominations to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. However, he will be defeated at the election, as how he was defeated at the last presidential election,” he said.

Rajapakse was given nominations by Sirisena to contest under the main United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) of which Sirisena is the chairman and Rajapakse a senior advisor.

The former leader will contest the parliamentary polls from Kurunegala. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. All this allegations against MR are not made stories. Its so sad to note the followers of this mafia man with such a criminal record still worship him. This crook is so corrupted that he is not so honest as he is preaching in temples. If given a chance this B……. will go to town and get rid of all the opponents overnight. He is so vicious and dangerous. People of Sri Lanka should not allow that to happen. He will go on a murderous rampage after coming back. Shameless politician with a begging bowl.

  2. some mentally sick people make still statements against current president who make this nation to have future and stop tis going to hell. making that stamens he proof to entire world how he managed to go this 6 months with bunch of criminal and corrupted Politian in the his party. out people have sick that is only named or family not policies or plan. we have suffered over 5o years due to this.do we have to wait former president song take-over this country after father. this is not Saudi kingdom. this nation needs changed and new direction. that only can do changing the corrupted leadership and family. if people still needs that dirty system they can set-up small government in the middle of Hambantota not entire nation. them all corrupted and disrespect people for rule of law and sleeves to one family can go their. this is a joke if entire nation has to depend one person without policy. now at least people will think before vote. no matter what happen to this nation we have such humble leader who can make such great historical statements in public and let people to decide the votes just not like previous leaders to use state power and rescores to full B/boxes before people vote.

  3. MS is puppet of UNP leader Ranil and CBK.
    MS is manupitaled by Indin-RAW and US- CIA.
    He is agent of foreing powers.
    MS surrender ours sovereignty and Independence to India RAW.

  4. MS is puppet of UNP leader Ranil and CBK.
    MS is manupitaled by Indin-RAW and US- CIA.
    He is agent of foreing powers. MS surrender ours sovereignty and Independence to India RAW.

  5. President has not taken a neutral stand. He has in fact taken an anti-Rajapakse stand, most probably under orders from Chandrika his former boss, and other hostile forces working with the enemies of Sri Lanka. The President is not only untrustworthy but he is a coward allowing hostile forces to act in an authoritarian manner, using him as a surrogate. One has to analyse his family activities in Polonnaruwa to understand who he really is. Do not trust him.

    • Gon Citizens who voted for MR and his Murderous Gang and Thieves who robbed billions are dancing too much.
      Hail Maithri, such acts would not have been possible if MaRa was in power. White Vans under Gottas instructions would have parked in front of your house

    • unlike MR who is totally trustworthy !!? ..you are a fool to think that life will be better if MR returns ..unless you are one of those already eating at his table .for the majority in sri lanka MS is the salvation of sri lanka ,not a traitor ..but a necessary catalyst for change ..

    • Yes, it was very anti-Rajapaksa, but I consider it to be an honest stand in the circumstances. Certain strategies have necessarily to be taken in politics.

      “Concerned Citizen”, I know we will not agree, but I feel that Maithri has a great deal of character and inner strength. It’s just that he’s so different from the politicians whom we are used to.

    • Sirisena was forced into agreeing to nominate Rajapaksa who he defeated because of Rajapaksa’s corrupt and dictatorial rule. There is no way he will agree to support Rajapaksa to win and become PM.

      There is nothing known about Sirisena family’s activities that you are talking. The whole world knows about Rajapaksa’s family’s activities of stealing the people’s Tsunami money and the billions of rupees stolen from the state funds. Rajapaksa must lose and there is no two ways about it.

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