Chief prelate says airports and highways not important

Thibbotuwawa.Sri_.Sumangala.thera_A leading Buddhist monk today played down some of the development work carried out by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the Hambantota District.

The Chief Prelate of the Malwattu Chapter, the Venerable Thibbotuwawa Sri Sumangala thera, said that airports and highways are not things the ordinary man in Hambantota wants.

He said this while speaking to Western Province Chief Minister Prassana Ranatunga when Ranatunga met the monk in Kandy today.

Ranatunga, who is contesting the August 17 Parliament election, spoke of the development work carried out by the former Government.

He said that there are now attempts to reverse the development work initiated by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The Venerable Thibbotuwawa Sri Sumangala thera however said that the people in Hambantota need food and water and not airports and highways.

Ranatunga also told the Chief Prelate that there is an attempt to create a rift in the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA).

The Chief Prelate responded by saying that there are too many political parties in the UPFA and some of them could be attempting to achieve their own agendas. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Ven monk is correct. There should be a feasible study before embarking on such big projects. People in Hambanthota are so poor and they don’t have food and water. The basic needs of mankind should be addressed first before going after useless mega deals just for the sake of commissions.

    Did anybody say that monks should mind their own business when they were speaking on behalf of the Rajapaksha regime during the last few years?

  2. What’s the purpose of having an airport without planes? What’s the purpose of having a seaport without ships, only few rerouted from Colombo.

  3. I do agree with the venerable monk in that the Hambanyota projects–Roads,Harbour,Airport & Cricket grounds were built on the EGO of the Ex-President.
    This money could have best utilised to bring ethnic harmony and real development that is economically productive.

  4. Reverend Sir
    If no highways or airports, how will you get to your Daanes and Foreign visits ?

  5. Airports and Highways are important for economic development and people’s transportation of country to be national and international basic needs and standard.

    Buddhist chief read books and newspapers daily to understand needs of public.

    I advice most respect Monk should not comment to relevant to People’s public needs , If you don’t know keep silent is better.

    Do not be Member of UNP party and let down public basic requirements of millions of people of Sri lanka..
    Rev monk support UNP, is understanble. ,but please do not mislead public by election days.

    • Yet more proof that Monks should mind the business of peoples faith and morals. Not get involved in politics where they have no clue

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