President urged to support MR’s campaign

Mahinda Rajapaksa MRPolitical allies of former President Mahinda Rajapakse have requested President Maithripala Sirisena to join him on stage during the campaign for the August 17 Parliamentary Elections.

There were reports that Sirisena will not support any political party at the elections despite being a member from the same party as Rajapakse who he defeated at the Presidential Elections in January.

Opposition United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) member Vasudeva Nanayakkara said that the party had made a request to Sirisena to come on stage during the UPFA’s election campaigns but were yet to receive a response from him.

“We have requested the President to join us in the election campaigns and we will await his decision,” Nanayakkara said.

Rajapakse has been appointed by Sirisena to lead the UPFA’s election campaign which will hold its maiden rally in Anuradhapura, in the country’s North Central Province, later this week. Rajapakse will be contesting the polls from the Kurunegala District in the North Western Province.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe who will be spearheading the ruling United National Party’s (UNP) election campaign and who will be contesting from the Colombo District said last week that he expects Sirisena to stay away from the August 17 election campaigns. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is not about Rajapaksa winning for himself, Sri Lanka should survive in conspiracy from powerful west. Yahapalana government got caught in their trap. Many arm-chair pundits see only “Rajapaksa coming back”. We will support anyone with Rajapaksa caliber but there is none.

  2. Ali baba & forty thieves have now come to a critical phase where they are stuck in the mud. All voters should take this opportunity to bury all these crooks, rogues, thieves of state assets from the face of earth so history will record it as Srilanka’s waterloo !

  3. There is cat in hell’s chance of Maithri supporting Rajapaksa.
    Rajapaksa will eat mud in Kurunegala. No doubt about that.

  4. Its time for Sri Lankans to use thier prouod literacy rate and thinking power and defeat the thugs thieves who want to gain power to protect themselves and their crook frriends. WAKE UP PEOPLE. Everyone tell this message to people who cannot read EGNLISH! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! DEFEAT JARAVASSAS!

  5. Ex Presidents all over the World, live with respect and dignity after retirement, some serving both terms and others just one. But these are educated and well respected individuals. However in Sri Lanka, majority of Politicians are crooks, who seek Office not to serve the Nation but themselves, immediate & extended families etc. As the entire Universe is aware we had one such Joker who amended the constitution to remain in power for ever, tried unsuccessfully a third time and got thrown out of power. This shameless Joker is now trying to enter Politics at any low level not to serve the Nation but try and escape from the investigations of corruption, intimidation, disappearances, murder, drug dealings and terrorist activities. It is a joke to request the gentleman politician who is our current Head of State to support such a character. The citizens should teach this Joker an unforgettable lesson so that he will remain locked up by himself until such time ends up in JAIL for the crimes committed.

    • You’re stupid in simple terms. Former president is the only leader in recent history of Srilanka done so much to the country/nation. He’s contesting to safe guard our country from foreign conspiracies and build the nation. Majority of Sinhalese wants him back. they need his service badly.

  6. There is no specific MR campaign. Over 6000 contest at the election to be members of parliament. MR is one of them.

  7. The nation know now and suspected earlier that you have minimum to change the UPFA nomination list for the best of country’s interest. Please distant yourself from the corrupt, never allow to market your presidency for their gain. Initiate an island-wide campaign to prevent corrupt entering the parliament. Leave the UPFA allowing the corrupt to find a big thief for the post. Please leave at once

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