Prassana tells supporters be ready with poles

prasanna_ranatungaWestern Province Chief Minister Prassana Ranatunga today urged supporters of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) to be ready with poles in their hands to greet Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) defectors when they visit them to seek their vote.

Speaking to SLFP Minuwangoda members and supporters, Ranatunga said that those who accused former President Mahinda Rajapaksa are those who destroyed the SLFP.

He said that those people had put pressure on President Maithripala Sirisena with regards to the nominations given to Rajapaksa to contest the election.

Prassana Ranatunga said that the defectors had betrayed the SLFP by joining hands with the UNP and contesting the Parliament election under the elephant symbol.

He said that those who betrayed the party will now come and seek the support of the public and the public must be ready with poles to greet them.

“I am not saying to beat them with the poles but just keep it in your hands,” he added.

Prassana Ranatunga is contesting the August 17 election and is also pushing for Rajapaksa to be the next Prime Minister. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What he is doing is instigate violence from the very first day of the nominations. These thugs should be behind bars for ever.

  2. This thug got nomination to become an MP?

    I hope he loses badly but, knowing the people who keep electing criminals and thugs to be MPs, he will probably get elected with the rest of the thugs and criminals aligned with the mega criminal Rajapassa.

  3. Prasanna Ranathunga,remember you are the most
    corrupt so called politician from the west,remember
    when you loose make sure that your illegal expanded
    house is still there,the rumour being it would be bulldozed with you inside,the neighbours would not be witneses,yo dirty filthy man ,in Saudi Arabia you would have been shot on site

  4. The dentist & the clan had interest on USD funded by foriegn elements but zero national interest. Peaple who know it will treat them duly.

  5. That what your foolish booru clan did before january 0th. You should be arrested for encouraging violence. I would put you in jail until the election is over.

  6. Why don”t you get your people to kick and beat your blooming ass without getting those patriots being treated the way you want.Even if you win which is very unlikely you and your wife will be behind bars for financial frauds.

  7. Yes, why not? Even after 1917 revolution in Russia, there was some people against the progressive revolution. people reacted with poles too. We know where you stand and people will do the same for you after August 17. People will not let you to rip the country again. We dont want another Greece with bunch of rogues.

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