Mahinda Rajapaksa says people want a change

MahindaFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa says people want a change and he will lead the campaign to form a Sri Lanka Freedom Party-led government.

He had said this to the Reuters news agency today after it was confirmed that he was among the candidates nominated to contest the August 17 Parliament election.

President Maithripala Sirisena defeated Rajapaksa in a bitterly fought election in January. He was forced to give the former leader the nomination in the face of strong demands from his party or risk a split.

He becomes Sri Lanka’s first defeated leader to seek a legislative seat.

“Today, people wants a change. I’m leading the campaign with President Sirisena as the chairman of the party to form a Sri Lanka Freedom Party-led government,” Mahinda Rajapaksa told Reuters by phone after handing over the nomination documents.

Rajapaksa will stand in the country’s third-largest electoral district, Kurunagala, where most voters have relatives in the military.

Rajapaksa’s allies say if elected, he would immediately resume Chinese projects suspended by the Sirisena government.

Sirisena is re-examining certain projects in which China has invested, including a $1.4-billion port city in the capital, Colombo. China has already built a seaport and airport in Sri Lanka’s south, raising fears it is seeking influence in a country where neighbouring India has deep ties.

If his bid is successful, Rajapaksa will have more powers than any of his predecessors, after Sirisena enhanced some of the powers of the post with reforms in April. Sirisena will still have the power of a veto.

Rajapaksa and his regime still face a United Nations war crimes investigation. A report on alleged rights abuses in the final phase of the war is due in September. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Take The votes which were casted to Maithree, among that 6.2 million votes only 2.3 million votes from UNP that is maximum vote bank they have. TNA SLMC ,JHU Fonseka’s party ,JVP , Digambaram , Small part of SLFP votes , Rishad badiyudeen all of them brought more than 2.5 million votes the balance 1.4 million votes were floating votes.According to the poor economic management by the UNP most of this anti mahinda Floating votes who are suffering with out food in villages under UNP administration and does not like mahindas dictatorship even he is very good in economic management will vote for JVP. In this case the Mahinda with his 5.8 million strong vote base will go for an easy victory with more than 125 seats and JVP will come second in all 14 sinhala budhist district which are the strongest vote base for SLFP (more than 60% votes) and UNP will fall in to third place. As a business man Mahinda is very good for the countries economic management ,i do not like mahinda ‘s dictatorship I Voted last time for Mythree But i agree Mahinda was the great ever Economic administrator since independence but if mahinda is coming with the huge majority i prefer JVP will be the main opposition to question mahinda in any issue. I never voted for JVP but this time i am going to vote them as first time in my life. This is the decision of most floating voters who voted for mythree last time while all of my business friends are voting for mahinda.

  2. His education is more than sufficient. As a lawyer I am sure he knows about international law more than you Mr.Polwatte. You may have not graduated from a Sri Lankan University for sure. On the other hand he was courages to go against the International preasure but within his legal boundries. You on the other hand seem to be a sri lankan who would bend down to any white man.

  3. Change is done and no people asked any more changes except your team of thieves, corrupts. Luckily you have parachuted to Kurunegala in an attempt to secure you a MP post. You will never ever be allowed to the prime minister in this island.

  4. Ofcourse we want a change. That s why we chased you out from the presidency. You did the biggest change in our history. Wipe out the LTTE and your all enemies like lasantha. You legalised corruption, murders, rapes, theft and rape, drugs, ethanol and tax free vehicke rackets, nightraces, casinos…etc. Butwhat we want is to change what you have done to our country. What you have done to our democracy and freedom. Everyone want a change for not having you again.


      • Just becuase the LTTE was vanished he and his moron dumb booru family though they owned sri lanka. LTTE was vanished thanks to SF and other countries helping sri lanka. NOW EBEUCASE OF THIS MORON. We needed a fool to be the president to solve the LTTE problem anyways. Uneducated who deosnt know or care about international laws.

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