Mahinda has majority support in SLFP says S.B

Mahinda SBSri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) member S B Dissanayake says former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has the support of a majority of the members in the SLFP.

Speaking in Kandy, Dissanayake said that the defection of a few SLFP members to support the United National Party (UNP) will not hurt the party.

He said that while there are a few SLFP members who are supporting President Maithripala Sirisena, there is a majority of SLFP members who still back former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Dissanayake said that after several rounds of talks between the SLFP members who back Sirisena and those who support Rajapaksa, it was decided to contest the August 17 Parliament election with the United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) in order to ensure the unity of the party.

He said that some differences of opinion had however arisen during the discussions and those who failed to agree with the stand taken, had decided to support the UNP at the election and after the election they will consider working with the UPFA again.

Dissanayake said that the Jathika Hela Urumaya and Minister Rajitha Senaratne played a key role in ensuring a change took place at the January 8 Presidential election and their contributions cannot be forgotten.

However he said the goal of the UPFA is now to defeat the UNP at the election and form the next Government under a new Prime Minister.

Dissanayake, who had joined the SLFP-UNP coalition Government under Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe this year after supporting Rajapaksa at the January 8 election, said the Government had failed in several fronts, including in ensuring the development of the country was taken forward.

He said that after the August 17 Parliament election, the Parliamentarian who has the majority support of Parliament will be appointed as the new Prime Minister and he will work with the President to take the country forward. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dear readers don’t be dishearten all is not lost intellectual giant Antany Peter from Wellington New Zealand has confirmed case against Rajapaksa on behalf of Sri Lanka is all ready at the top of the list at ICJ in Hague and not like others who promise so much without results I have seen Antany Peter get results.

  2. One of the biggest rouge and morally corrupt person in politic today.Entered politic without a cent in hand now a billionaire punting up palaces in Hanguranketha,Sending children aboard for education.He even tried to assault sexually Susanthika,We are a sorry lot to see this A grade rouges rule our country.Mistake lies in the hands of our own people.Chandrika too should bare the responsibility of giving this rouge a big place in srillankan politic,

  3. Surasena is 100% correct in making his assertion. It is not only SB, there are many others who are presently identified as MR loyalists and neutral guys crossing over making use of the tightly safeguarded right of the selfish politicians to Crossover after they secure votes from the SLFP/UPFA voter base. Prof. Nalin Silva may be correct when he said that MR has run into a trap. Weerasinghe

  4. S.B Dissanayake is a political monkey who doesnt have any policy or vision for the country. This is the guy who said that JVP youths must shoot in their heads to blast if they protest.. This is the man who said Sri Lanka can only develop if its come under a dictatorship. I think MR follow his ideolog. However this man is a untrustworthy and unsuitable for good governance politics in our country. Everyone knows what did he do and how was his performance during the CBK era. ( It was not a secret about his wealth before 1994) IT is better to be cautiouse , if UNP ceome power again by next election , because now they are planing well ahead for a coup. Those who signed their MOU with RW are the same culprits who backed MR in 2005 and MOU signed in 2007. UNP must remember that in a crucial time , they all going to abandon UNP and join hands with MR. I am telling you this in 2015. It is ok to have a common front , but remember they have a seperate agenda. UNP can win alone.

  5. I just cannot believe that this man SBD will get more than a few hundred votes, because he has jumped from party to party like “wavulas” flying from tree to tree!!I What disgraceful conduct.

  6. What a shameless lot these politicians are! How fast they can change the song they sing or tunes! Baila to virudu and back to baila. This is the man wanted to send Chandrika stripped naked and slowly joined Sirisena’s cabinet and now with Mahinda again…….Shame!

  7. SB, you are an absolute disgrace to Mother Lanka. Why on earth bandit queen introduced you in to politics..?? Like her, you too are one of the most obnoxious evil creatures dirtying Sri Lankan politics. It’s time people put you where you belong, flush you down the toilet.

  8. One of the political mistakes of former president Chandrika BK was introducing people like Mervyn Silva, SB Dissanayakke and GL Peiris into politics.
    Few days back he said Mahinda Rajapkshe should not be given nomination and now SB is joining with him.
    Dr M.L.Najimudeen

  9. SB you are a disgrace to mankind . 1day your anti MR next day your pro RW. MP like you should be voted out.
    It is such politicians like you who have taken SL back 40years. I hope such MPs rot in hell

  10. “Birds of a feather flock together” Certainly yes, the President and the new Government could not work with a bunch of rouges. Isn’t that the very reason why the Government was dissolved so that the citizens could decide to continue with the rediscovered Democratic Sri Lanka or return to old “CORRUPT LAWLESS BANANA REPUBLIC with jungle law.

  11. SB you just planted within the SLFP/UPFA by Yahapalana forces. However, with your overacting, your role already exposed. Yet do not expose Yahapalana group within the UPFA, let Duminda to be the public face of it. As you indicated there would be a minimum of impact defecting to the UNP, yet the decisive blow to MR will come within. You will be playing a role in architecture the same.

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