Indian couple arrested in Mullaitivu for violating visa

HandcuffsAn Indian couple have been arrested in Mullaitivu for violating local visa regulations, the police media unit said.

The police said that the Indian man, aged 38 and Indian woman, aged 35, were arrested in Selvapuram in Mullaitivu while selling goods in violation of their visas.

According to the police, the two Indians were in Sri Lanka on tourists visas but had been doing business which is a violation of local immigration and emigration laws.

The two Indians were produced before a Magistrate and released on bail and have been summoned to court tomorrow. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Not only this couple there are thousands of Indian engaged in selling Goods , working in farms, Prostitutes Paddy fields in south , low class hotels and many around colombo as Helpers cheap labourers from India failure by Immigration & Custom authories sending them through green channel bringing Illegal medicines & contrabands , clothes and cheap Goods without bringing any money to Sri_lanka and taking our foreign Currency and Gold back to India. There is no proper Mechanism like in Singapore where you cannot bring a packet of Cigarette unopened and other smuggling goods. Country is loosing tax and Indians enjoy free tax system by bringing cheap goods and make money. This is not a problem now but dater back to hundred years like Kallathoni (Illegal people coming without visa now coming in legal and overstay , no punishment) . Our Tourist board say highest no of tourists from India cheaper than beggers are some , even who come 90% stay in cheaper lodging and cook & eat , heating parota they bring from electric Iron , Encroaching our seas to catch fish and export to other countries as well given priveledge as traditional fishing rights where as srilankan fisherman cross the border had to land jails in india. Our politicians keep their mouth shut for political gains , no back bone for our politicians. How may has been deported and how many work in one Industry at Ja-ela in a Indian firm , what a shame for our Immigration authrities

  2. Lot of Indians and Chinese are doing business after coming down on tourist visa. These people should be monitored very closely and take appropriate legal action. Not only selling, some Indians and Chinese come to Sri Lanka and get hold of some locals and do lot of businesses by violating the visa terms.

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