IGP urged to ensure security for former President

Illangakoon_IGP_CIThe office of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has written to IGP N.K. Illangakoon, raising fears over the security of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Rohan Weliwita, the media secretary of the former President, told the IGP in the letter that there was a concern over the failure to provide police security to Rajapaksa at an event in Hambantota yesterday.

He said that top police officers in Hambantota had been informed in advance about the events Rajapaksa was attending in the area yesterday.

Weliwita reminded the IGP that Rajapaksa has been under threat from the day he defeated the LTTE after 30 years of war.

With Rajapaksa now set to contest the Parliament elections next month Weliwita urged the IGP to ensure adequate police security is given to the former President when he attends public events. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If Rajapakse thinks he is still loved and respected by the masses and wants him back in power then he wouldn’t need any security. If there was a lapse in security and concern for his safety in his hometown Hambantota then he can’t be very popular in the rest of the country as well.

  2. mr Rajapaska is not entatil the security .then the same treatment for others. democratic country. election is a democratic. there is no LTTE.please stop communal talk.

  3. This is all for Rajapakse attracting public attention, he himself have created fear amongst the masses for political comeback, current president does not talk about security issues because he knows he has nothing to fear about. We Srilankans are so unfortunate to say that we don’t want Rajapakse anymore after his great leadership to bring back peace to the country after 30 years of terrorism, but after that he and his clan cleaned up the country’s wealth and governed with thugs, now MR we ask you to stay away from bringing more disaster to the country and people please vote which ever the way you please, but not bring back these MR thuggery to rule our mother land

  4. Safety and security needed for all Sri Lankan if MR come to power after General election of Parliament. He will create the country of family rule, authoritarianism, corruption and communalism

  5. Not only for former president but also for the present president security has to be enhanced considering the changes in the political situation at present. They are both at high risk from the UNP and the western countries who wanted regime change and who now realize their plans are going awry.

  6. The adequate police security should be given to all Sri Lankan citizens in case MR wins the election. Only God can help Sri Lanka and its people.

    • Calton – This is supposed to be a smooth election, following the rules under ‘Yalpalanaya’ govt and
      now it looks like it is a survival of the fittest contest.
      after MS did a shameful somersault while giving nominations Police now an independent identity under 19A and should be neutral and ensure a calamity free election.
      The ex president already has around 350 men to protect him day & night while the current President
      has less men. It is laughable that the ex President’s
      office wants more men to handle him so that there
      will be more hands clapping at the political meetings.

    • It’s true what you say! Only God can help. May God help your mother and mothers like your mother to not to produce any more babies like you… Because Sri lanka will be divided very soon if there are more of your kind.

    • Other candidates didn’t win the war for the country so…they haven’t done sh#t for the country. So they don’t diserve any security.

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