Building bridges with her music

Dilshad-Nahar-Kona-4-1024x1024By Ashanthi Warunasuriya

Her music has not only taken her to the top of the music industry in Bangladesh but it also saw Sri Lanka and Bangladesh unite through music.

Dilshad Nahar Kona, well known by her nickname Kona, is a versatile Bangladeshi singer who in fact was also a member of the first Bangladeshi female band named ‘Angel 4’ formed in the year 2003.

Kona made her entry to the Sri Lankan music scene when she appeared on a few music videos produced by Iraj Weeraratne.

Speaking to The Sunday Leader, Kona said that music was always her passion and it was something which grew in her from her childhood.

“I might stay hungry for a whole day but music helps me fulfill that hunger. I was into singing since I was a child. I attended many children’s music events at the time. My mom used to always encourage me to sing. However back then it meant nothing to me and I always wanted to finish music practice and go watch my favorite cartoons. My professional career as a musician began in early 2000,” she recalled.

Kona says the music industry in Bangladesh was always rich and the country is blessed with a lot of talented singers, musicians and directors. Among them is her idol Runa Layla, a legendary Bangladeshi singer.

Kona loves to experiment with new styles of music although she began her career as a classical musician and enjoyed it the mist. She says classical music helps her keep her voice in tune.

image2“I started my singing career from early 2000. I struggled a lot. I did few stage performances. As a newcomer I had to visit many famous music directors and wait till they gave me an opportunity to sing. After a couple of months I got a call from a music director for a jingle on a television commercial. From that day onwards till today by the grace of Almighty ALLAH the count of jingles is 800+ in various languages, 200+ playbacks for movies inside and outside Bangladesh, 3 solo albums 1 music video album and 50+ mixed albums till today. I have also performed at many events around the globe. I also sang the welcome song at the Cricket World Cup 2011 which was held in Bangladesh and the theme song for the T-20 World Cup which took place in Bangladesh as well in 2014,” she said.

A rather simple and modest person in life, Kona believes being simple is the best policy and she is content with what God has given her. Even her fashion statement is also about being simple.

Speaking about her music collaborations in Sri Lanka, Kona says she enjoyed the projects she did with Iraj.

“I did a few projects with Iraj. He is really very talented and cool.  It was really an awesome experience working with him and his team. They were real supportive and friendly. Both Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are pretty rich in music. To me, I couldn’t find any differences between the two countries, be it in music or culture. Sri Lankan people are very humble in nature and hospitable,” she said.

Kona says these days she is working on her fourth solo album which will be released soon and she is also working on a few tracks in Sri Lanka.

As for the future, Kona says she wants to take it one day at a time and just sing.