SLFP to probe members who backed the elephant

nimal_siripala_b1The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) said that it will initiate an inquiry against several SLFP members who have agreed to contest the August parliamentary elections with the ruling United National Party (UNP).

An opposition member on the grounds of anonymity said that the SLFP would seek an explanation from the defected members and a party inquiry would be initiated to ascertain if the members could continue under the SLFP membership.

Meanwhile, opposition Leader Nimal Siripala De Silva said that that the SLFP had not been informed of any members joining the UNP to contest the elections, but if proved true, the party would seek an immediate explanation from them. “A due process will follow and an inquiry will be launched against them,” De Silva confirmed.

At least 13 SLFP members informed President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday that they will contest next month’s parliamentary elections under the UNP’s elephant symbol. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. When the SLFPers went and slept in the parliament or got onto MRs stage, did you have an inqiry?

    No spine for any of these fellows!

  2. Yes, you must call explanation from your party Chairman, MS, for defecting the party in presidential pools where the SLFP/UPFA candidate was defeated.

    you may extends the inquiry further to your Party Central committee for electing MS as the party president sans his defection.

  3. What we see from outside is different to what actually happening now. No politician in Sri Lanka will go against corruption openly as everyone is part of it. And it is quite normal in Third-world countries that politicians to have piled up money when politicians end their career; they will do it whether we like or not. But why some politicians going specifically against Rajapaksa? Was because the accusations of corruptions? No not really, it is the same process West used in Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya some more non-Arabic countries. There was a time US trained Army Generals were ruling most of Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan etc which is unlikely to be a coincident. For example Thailand could not keep the democratically elected Prime Minister and was forcibly removed from power; and it is a Buddhist county too. It is quite clear UNP and its surrounding groups are working for someone else’s Agenda as these people do not have a common interest. Therefore the people leaving SLFP are being guided by a third force to achieve a target in international politics. It won’t be a surprise even Chandrika joins UNP soon.

    • Bullshit. Most corrupt nation is this planet is USA. They have murdered 6 million in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and recently million women and children in Iraq and created ISIS. None is held responsible for these heinous crimes. this is the most corrupt nation, closely followed by UK.

  4. Who is going to inquire the bribery and corruption cases against Nimal Siripala?It will be the next UNP alliance. Wait for a few more months Konda Pana Nathi Nimal.

  5. These jokers ripped the country by using SLFP as umbrella for them Now they blame others. Everyone in the country and the intenational community knows who the hell they are. They non other than murderers, theives, rapists, racketiers, corruptedto the head. They are the ones who liable for misusing public property and waiting to arrest under given peoples mandate. How can they go foe a election under SLFP? if so we have to tell whole world that entire SLFP is a corrupted gang and they are no longer represent the people. This gang must be ban from sri Lankan politics as they follow the path of “Robert Mugabe” of Simbabwe.Nimal Siripala and others can see what going to happened to them soon.

  6. SLFP is national bourgeois political party was founded that base on rural poor and urban poor, had been left out by UNP-colonial party since Independence 1948.

    SWRD was democratic reformer which had different range of classes form UNP -colonial set of policies.

    It-SLFP accepted Parliamentary path of Capitalism which was suited our nation realities, by Capitalist development depend, that take into accounts of its past civilization of 2500 years.

    Politically Born out of Sri lanka historical roots and social evolutionary history.
    Such political Party ,class and people cannot join hand with UNP policies in future. There is no coalition or alliance between SLFP and UNP reactionaries.

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