Zeid notes UN failed to protect Lankan civilians

Security Council meeting on The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein says the UN had failed to protect the lives of civilians in Sri Lanka in 2009.

Al Hussein made the comment via a video link to the United Nations Security Council, when it met to discuss the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said that if the UN is going to make commitments on protecting civilians, then it must be resolute, undivided and clear about its intentions.

“Had this been the case with Sri Lanka in 2009, or now in Sudan, Burundi or even Myanmar, the consequences for the lives of millions of people would be immense,” he said.


His remarks were made as the Security Council prepared to table a vote on a draft resolution strongly condemning as genocide the crimes at Srebrenica as established by the judgments of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and all other proven war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the course of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The measure – which failed to pass with 10 votes in favour, four abstentions (Angola, China, Nigeria and Venezuela) and the Russian Federation voting against – would have further agreed that “acceptance of the tragic events at Srebrenica as genocide is a prerequisite for reconciliation.” If one of the Council’s five permanent members casts a negative vote on a resolution, the text cannot be adopted. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I am tired of reading about the U N human rights, these people who are running it are afraid of the US who are committing more crimes against humanity than any country, but they are busy picking on the small countries. Navi Pillay the tamil tigress is out, she was an american stooge. I only hope the new man has more guts and will be impartial.

    • Sunl -are you a Sinhala nationalist who doesn’t want an investigation into the murder of 70,000 by the Sinhalese army. Shame on you.

  2. The final days of the conflict became a ‘war without witnesses’ by the state expelling UN personnel and INGO personnel on the excuse that they ‘cannot be given protection’.
    Thus, protection of civilians was removed.
    The UN High Commissioner knows this.
    Thus shelling and bombing of “no fire zones” declared by the Defence Secretary occurred.

  3. What Zeid is saying indirectly”We did not think the war would be finishing so soon such as in 2009″. You are not late yet. Key weapon manufacturers in the world openly selling weapons to terrorist groups but why don’t you take action? At least can you make comments against these countries?

    • Weapons manufacturers were also selling weapons to rogue regimes and dictators like Rajapaksa who went on to commit mass murder of their own citizens.

      This is a major problem because these dictators kill a larger number of civilians than the terrorists do.

  4. Well the best way forward is for the UK to set up meeting with the accused and MI5 and have them arrested in London with an open warrent(?) may be.

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