Susil to meet President on UPFA nominations list

Susil PremajayanthaUnited People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) General Secretary Susil Premajayantha is to meet President Maithripala Sirisena to discuss the nominations list of the UPFA for the Parliament elections.

Sources told the Colombo Gazette that senior Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members may also attend the meeting expected to take place tonight and the issue over handing nominations to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa will also be discussed.

Earlier this afternoon a meeting took place between Premajayantha and UPFA members supporting former President Mahinda Rajapaksa on the UPFA nominations for the election and on moves by President Sirisena to reverse his earlier decision to give Rajapaksa nominations to contest the Parliament election.

At the meeting Premajayantha was told of some concerns over the UPFA nominations selection process and the next step in the event President Sirisena formally announces Rajapaksa will not be given nominations from the UPFA.

The UPFA had last week announced that the President had agreed to give nominations to Rajapaksa. However several Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) members had opposed the move.

Sources close to Rajapaksa said that he is prepared to contest from another party if the UPFA does not give him nominations. (Colombo Gazette)

Report by Ashanthi Warunasuriya


  1. It is high time that the values and ideals of SLFP destroyed by Rajapakse be rebuilt with a new Team keeping in line with the understanding reached with March 12th Movement.
    Another option for Maithri is for SLFP to contest seperately as the UPFA other members, Wimal’ Party, MEP, LSSP and CP are in shambles and do not have a strong voter base. People have lost faith in them and some of their leaders including Vasu will not be able to win tgheir seats without a no contest arrangement with the SLFP. Ajith

  2. Premajayantha wants to cover his ass from whatever he has done under MR. MR put pressure on him. MR(Alibaba) has his file. His son lives in Virginia, USA. All dirty money from Uzbek oil deals pumped in to USA. Many more deals Hilton, Dirty crude oil from Singapore, pipeline deal .

  3. Aren’t we all glad that we never had a Indecisive and weak President like MY3 during the War!!

  4. yes they shud kick Sira out of SLFP and ask him to join the UNP and Ranil as it won’t make a difference as he won’t contest again. He betrayed his leader at presidential election and there is no reason why he cannot betray the UNP now without being a puppet of Ranil. Come on, Sunil and Yapa , get rid of Sirisena fron the SLFP . He betrayed you all.

  5. MR better contest from a separate party away from MaruSira and his gang, otherwise he might be stabbed in the chest this time by Sira who back stabbed him last time.


    • Jay you are a bloody fool, you will never learn, or you are a bloody thief who wants MR to come back

  7. Country is not worried about which party is in power and all what it needs is a selfless leader and a party to serve the people and not to rob the country. I wonder whether still there is anything left to rob. Some of the robbers are already roped in and others are trying to be protected by coming to power by dubious means. Let us see who win and how?

  8. Pachchara Hora Susil Premajayantha or any rogue or any thief has no power to change maithris , ranils and rest of the people who support yahapanalaya to divert from their plan. Please give up and voluntary go to jail with rapassas without spending tax payer money for the stolen monoey, raping murdering and destroying the sri lankan constitution and the law order judiciary eTC. PLEASE ASK JUDGES TO ARREST Y(OUR ASSES AND ASK THEM TO PUT YOU AND THE OTHER IDIOTS WHO SUPPORT MAHINDA TO GIVE JAIL TERM UNTIL DEATH OR SHOT TO DEATH!BOORUWA!

  9. The split is inevitable. With possible MR inclusion many SLFP will deserted towards the 3rd force and Champika will bag many. If they challenge 10% of UPFA vote base, MR and the clan have to say “good bye” for politics. If MR and clan denied for nomination, then there would be no need for 3rd force, the separated forces may come under SLFP /UPFA (clean) banner. That would be the beginning of a “National Government”.

    • LOL..The Sirisena faction of the SLFP is not more than 20 MPs while the vast majority is with MR. More importantly, Sirisena will struggle to get any SLFP/UPFA grassroot votes as the pradeshiya sabhas, PCs and the rest will only support MR. There are villagers who have posters hanging on their walls of MR but nobody has anything to do with Sirisena. The reason I believe why Sirisena got control of SLFP and UPFA was the corruption factor. The top brass of the party Anura Yapa, Susil, John Seneviratne and many others wanted a peaceful settlement, knowing any foul play untoward the president could expose their corrupt practices which might send them to jail as well unltimately. What is likely to happen is, if MR is given nominations, Sirisena will want his men, probably newcomers like Hirunika to fill more slots in the nominations list so that MR will not be powerful or will not be the PM in the event they won the election. Alternatively if MR is refused nomination, the majority of SLFP/UPFA will contest in a separate party, while Sirisena will lead an SLFP list. But Sirisena camo is also tricky, may be they’ll plan not to divide the party but to make sure they lose the election so that Sirisena-Ranil alliance will rule the country for the six year full term.

  10. THis guy is very funny. No firm decision. Like a patholaya. No body can stop mahinda coming to parliament.

  11. Sira have no powers to block giving nominations to Mahinda or anybody for that matter. This power is with SLFP and UPFA General Secretaries. He can however withdraw his henchmen (Rajitha, Arjuna, Hirunika, MDKS etc.) from UPFA list and contest under Swan. He has the choice to offer legislative power to UNP on a platter and then become a rubber stamp President for remainder of his term. If UPFA wins (by staying together as one team) he can at least dangle with Minister posts to Mahinda loyalists and have his way. It remains to be seen if Sira is capable of dividing SLFP a second time on instructions from CBK, Ranil, NGO clique and Yahapalana hypocrites.

    • Common ground with your views & millions of people share your thoughts. Sira wants UNP for the next 5 years & that where his loyalties are. Sira should be sacked from the SLFP without wasting time. Sira will go down in histrory as the leader who destroyed the SLFP & the country.

    • Fully agreed with Liliput’s comments. Sira should have a backbone to lead the country & the party. If not the party should kick him out and protect its interest.

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